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My plan would start with a man's uncontrollable desire.

"You're here," He says, his voice solemn and regretful. I've just made things harder on him, and I know it. 

"Yes, but I can go if you want me to." I play the part of the doe. Innocent and docile. Little does he know of the knife I hold in my hee. He takes out my bun.  My long dark curls are loose, cascading down my back. 

"Your hair is so beautiful. God, Katelyn," he says with a sigh, "You don't get it, I want you here, more than anything else." I nod and walk towards the bed. I'm wearing a maids blouse and skirt, nothing like the extravagant clothes I used to wear. I am nothing, no one. Even Nathaniel would scoff at me now.

He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me to him. He leans his face towards me. I can feel his breath. Warm and heavy. He smells of prison. An escape I must take.

"I want you," he whispers, groaning softly. I finger the knife in my shoe, ready to kill. I have never been more ready for revenge.

 "So, this is why you've been so distant," a voice calls from the doorway. Xavier disconnects from me. His wife is looking at us, horror in her eyes.

   "Go, Katelyn," He whispers to me. His eyes urgent.

   "I thought you were someone I could confide in, but all you are is a slave. A useless item," Her voice is level, which is probably what scares me the most, "And you will go where all bad slaves go." 

No. I feel my chest sink. I can't go to a rehabilitation camp. Those places are brutal. They take away your identity, leaving you nothing but a mindless servent. I can't do that. I can't.

"Go," Xaviers voice is frantic. This monster believes I care. The time is now. I take the knife and aim in towards his thigh, but Angela catches my hand, forcing me to drop my last chance at escape.

The guards lead me to my room, but all I see is a parade of white. My eyes are numb to every sight, and my life is gone.

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