1. forever and ever.

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After months of sneaking out from the backyard and going to Ayaan's place, Sehmat had finally decided to tell her parents about their relationship. "Ayaan, you have to come with me." Sehmat whined.

"Baby I can't face your parents, what if they beat me up!" Ayaan's eyes were wide from shock, he couldn't believe that his girlfriend would actually want to tell their families. The thought never crossed his mind that someday, they would have to come clean for the sake of their feelings.

It was not like their families were opposed to the idea of Ayaan and Sehmat being together, it just scared him shitless not knowing whether them being together at such a young age would settle well with the elders.

They were just seventeen after all.

"Ayaan you know they will not do any such thing, stop exaggerating!" The two were currently on the school's rooftop, hiding away from their friends to have some privacy.

Sitting down on the desk Ayaan made her sit on his lap and hugged her.

"I am scared." He whispered softly. Sehmat cooed at that and her eyes softened, Ayaan nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck and sighed making Sehmat giggle from the tingling sensation.

"Baby, there's nothing to be sacred of." Sehmat reassured him and started playing with his hair, that calmed him down a bit. "You know my dad loves you, they even joke around about getting us married in the future." She explained.

"Mhmm." He sighed and pulled her closer - if that was even possible. Sehmat sighed at that, seems like her dreams of introducing Ayaan as more than a best friend would have to wait for a bit.

"We wouldn't do anything that you're uncomfortable with, I promise I won't tell anyone about us, okay?" She pulled his face and made him look into her eyes.

Ayaan gave her a wide smile and nodded, "thank you, I love you."

"I love you more, promise to be mine for forever?" Sehmat asked, her smile faltering a bit.

She wouldn't lie, the fear of losing Ayaan always kept her up at night. Even though the two weren't even adults, she had loved him all her life.

Ever since she learned the meaning of love, it had always been Ayaan.

She knew she couldn't force anything on him, Ayaan's well being had always her first priority but there had been this fear that if things weren't rushed, or if people around them weren't made aware of how much the two loved each other - they would snatch Ayaan away from her.

"I will always be yours, forever and ever, love."

It was young but true love and sometimes, fear wins over love.


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