Chapter 5

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        "Hey Bryle wake up, you'll be late for work" Khylie said to Bryle who was still sleeping, but as answer Bryle just moan. So she tried again "Hey Bryle wake up I cooked breakfast for us" this time Bryle opened his eyes slowly. Bryle was happy to see first thing in the morrning was his wife "Goodmorning hon, get up so you could eat breakfast" Khylie greeted with a big smile on her face after Bryle opened his eyes, "Okay I'll just brush my teeth, and take a shower" Bryle said and he went to he bathroom,

         After taking a bath Bryle went down to eat brakfast. When Bryle went down, Bryle saw Khylie arranging the plates. "Hey, Hon what's for breakfast?" Bryle said and sit down on the center chair. "I cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, hotdog and friedrice" Khylie answered with a smile. "So what do you want?" Khylie asked, "I'll have scrambled eggs and fried rice" Bryle answered pointing to the egg and the fried rice, so Khylie put some scrabled egg and fried rice to Bryle's plate. "Oh, hon what do you want for lunch" Khylie asked as she sit on the chair besides Bryle. "Oh good thing that you reminded me, I can't go with you to the doctor because I'll be busy with the paper works in the office and I can't leave because I had a long vaction" Bryle said as he sip coffee, "Okay then I'll just ask Alliah to coe with me so we could also bond together" Khylie said.


        "And by the way where are the kids?" Bryle asked as he notice that the kids are not here, "They're on the way so nothing to worry" Khylie answered, and they continued eating. "I'm done" bryle said after finishing his breakfast, "Okay just leave the plates there" Khylie said, "Oh, and hon go home early okay" Bryle reminded as he fix his tie, "Yes, you too" Khylie said, "I'll try, bye hon love you take care, call me if you need aanything" Bryle said as he went out, "Bye hon love you too" Khylie shouted so Bryle could hear it.

        After eating breakfast Khylie decided to go to their room and changed so she could be early on her meeting with Dra. Santos. After preparing Khylie left and drove to Alliah's house.

        "Hey, Alliah I'm infront of your house now" Khylie said in the phone when she arrived infront of Alliah's mansion, "Okay just wait for me I'll be down in any minute now" Alliah answered in the phone, "Okay!" Khylie said before hanging up.

        After a few minutes Alliah opened the gate. "Hi! Beshie, how are you I haven't seen you for a long time now, huh?" Khylie greeted while Alliah's entering the car, "I'm good I was just busy fixing stuffs for my cafe"Alliah said with a smile, "So how about you I heard from Sophia thatKhyle had his seventh birthday last day?" Alliah continued. "I'm good too, and yeah it's Khyle birth day last day, if I remember I sent you an e-mail but you didn't reply" Khylie said. "Oh yeah I've seen it though I didn't had a time to reply when yu sent me an e-mail 'cause like what I said I was busy with my newly opened cafe" Alliah explained, "Oh the one near Makati" Khylie asked and Alliah just nod  " You know what we could eat there after my check up"

        "That would be a great idea, though you mentioned that you will be having a meeting with a doctor, why so sudden?" Alliah asked, "Oh, about that I'll be just having a check up 'again'" Khylie said with air quotes on the again word. "Because I fainted twice, a day befor Khyle's party, so Bryle decided to bring me in the clinic so I could het checked up, and the doctor told me that I should get X-rayed to see if there's something blocking my air way, but the results were too long before it arrived so Bryle decided that we'll just get it tomorrow, which is today" Khylie continued, "Oh, okay then?" was only the only words that Alliah could say after what Khylie told her. But the rest of the trip they just talk over the things that happened to them for the past year.




        After they entered the hospital Khylie and Alliah went to the receptionist to ask if Dra. Santos is there already, "Uhmm Miss, is Dra. Santos already there?" Khylie asked, "Do you have a scheduled meeting with her Ma'am" the receptionist asked, "Yes I have, she said I could be here around 11 am to 2 pm" Khylie answered. "Okay we'll just inform Dra. Santos" the eceptionist said, so the two just waited on the lobby. After few minutes the receptionist in the hospital called them so they went to the clinic of Dra. Santos.

        "Alliah let's go now" Khylie said to Alliah, "Nope you go ahead, I'll just wait here" Alliah said in reply "Okay then" Khylie said and went to Dra. Santos clinic, "Good morning  Khylie I didn't expect you this early but it's great that you came early" Dra. Santos greeted after Khylie entered the door, so Khylie did what the doctor said.

        "I've seen the results of the X-ray and there's nothing on your lungs, but I noticed that there's a problem with the muscle of your heart it's much thicker than the normal muscles that we have in a heart, so I just want to clear things out" Dra. Santos said, without a single reply from me Dra. Santos continued, "Okay Mrs. Collins when you we're a kid do you have a heart problem or disease? And does your family had ant history of death because of heart problems or shall i say does you family have a history of this", "I do have a heart problem when I was just 6 but I'm fine , that's what my parents told me when I was 7 and my graandma had a heart problem too that cause her death when I was just 4" Khylie said. "Oh okay, Khylie I  request that you should stay here for a while so we could get you tested" Dra. Santos said, "Okay?" Khylie said. "Okay then just wait at the lobby and we'll just call you if the things that we'll be needing is ready" Dra. Santos said before Khylie left and went to the lobby.

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