Chapter 21: Hurting and bonding

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"I think that's the last of them. How's your area doing?"


Sanemi wiped away sweat from his forehead, his head slowly turning towards you, waiting for your response. It seemed like you hadn't moved an inch nor did he hear any form of response.

Knowing not to act rash, he scratched his head. "Oi, are you listening pipsqueak?"

No response.

Your eyes glazed over the vial you held in your hand. The blood red liquid shining from the moonlight, it's red colour reflecting in your eyes. The dullness in your eyes remained when you looked up to see Sanemi.

"Oh... yeah, I'm about finished.." You gave him a small grin as you quickly put back the vial. He stood beside you, his arms crossed with a bored expression on his face. His face got gradually closer to yours, raising his nonexistent eyebrows and scoffing.

"Get it together pipsqueak, we're going back. Hopefully Tokito didn't fuck up and got all the information from the other members."

A light chuckle illuminated from you as you nod your head.


The moon was still high in the sky, it's light shining upon all that was visible. There was all but silence, save for the few sounds that would come now and again.

A sudden spark came into your soul, alerting you of a nearby presence. You put a hand on Sanemi's shoulder and smile at him.

"Go on ahead, there's something I need to check out." He looked around and was about to decline before you pushed him forward.

He yelled at you before you muttered something about ohagi, making him hesitate before quickly walking away.

You chuckled before slowly approaching a tree. "Hey."



"Hey, I can sense you."

You heard rustling but no one came.

You drop your smile and draw your sword, quickly slashing a nearby branch. Something blurred passed by but you managed to catch a glimpse. You quickly kick down the figure and it smacked against the tree.

You place your blade tip towards his neck. "Oh, you're... that guy." Akaza stood there, looking composed though there was a bit of shock lingering in his gaze.

"I'm not here to fight you." He crossed his arms and stared right at you. The atmosphere was tense but you kept calm. You pull back your sword, sheathing it back in.

"You better not do anything, I won't let you off unharmed. I'll be waiting for you then."

"I'm here to talk."

You were still skeptical but you still took a step back for him to breath. He seemed les tense but had his guard up nonetheless.

"Are you here to spy for-"

"I'm not, I came here on my own free will."

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