Ch 1

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Shivaay's pov

I got up in morning with my wife around me! My days have been a bliss since the day she entered in my life! It was so love at first site from my side and now we have been evolved to be with each other!

She had entered as an event organizer for the Ganpati Pooja festival at Oberoi mansion and since that day our love story started !


" Dadi please for god sake let me hire a good event manager " Shivaay said

" She is good only! You know she is managing sinha's all events and that's why there events are considered to be the best one across the country " dadi said

" Anyways I have work so I have to go " Shivaay Said and was about to leave when he saw a girl coming towards his way!

Due to excess of light her face was not visible! His heart started beating fast finding her coming close to him!

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her face as she came more close to his way!

Her doe shaped eyes, rose petal lips, creamy white skin and brown eyes were driving his crazy! Her long silky hairs were kissing her cheeks!

As she passed by him their hands met and left a spark in their bodies! They both looked at each other as an impulse!

" Annika? " Dadi asked

" Yes " Her melodious Voice striked in his ears!

She broke their eyelock and moved towards Dadi and bent to touch her feets! A smile of admiration crossed around his lips!

" God bless you! BTW I have heard alot about you this time we are giving you our event I hope you won't disappoint me " Dadi said and annika nodded!

" Shivaay why are you standing there? Weren't you getting late for work? " Dadi asked observing Shivaay's stare towards her side continously! Shivaay started looking here and there being embrassed !

" Dadi meeting got cancelled " Shivaay lied but to his bad Mishra reached at mansion at the same moment!

" Sir why are you not picking your phone?  The clients are waiting to start the meeting please come " Mishra said and Shivaay cursed him underbreath!

Dadi looked at him with smirk!

" Meeting had got cancelled Mishra " Shivaay said gritting his teeths!

" When? " Mishra asked immediately!

" Annika puttar you get goining to your work " dadi said and annika left but his sight didn't left her way!

" She left " Dadi whisphered in his ears! He blushed and looked down!

" Something Something? " Dadi asked with chuckle! His cheeks became red being shy and left from there!

It was unbelievable that someone like him would fall for a girl that too on first sight!

After wrapping up the meeting he went to his home back which was not less than any miracle!

" Oh my god am I seeing some dream " Jahanvi said

" No I am here for real " Shivaay said with smile!

" What's so special today? " Dadi asked

" Umm Nothing special I thought to spend some time with you all" Shivaay said

" As if I don't know " Dadi said with smirk and left! He chuckled at his poor attempt of lying!

His attention was drawn towards Annika laughung with Rudhr! They were having a conversation which was quite shocking as Rudhr is the dumbest person to have a conversation with!

" Bhaiyaa " Rudhra saw Shivaay and ran to his way and jumped on him!

"  Rudhra Get down "  Shivaay was about to shout but seeing annika he kept his voice down! 

" Bhaiya My bhaiya came soon today!! Now we will play the latest video game toghter yaay " Rudhra said jumping on Shivaay! Shivaay throwed him down in Frustation! Annika raised her brows in shock! 

" Rudy are you fine " She asked extending her hand in order to help him!

" See my true girl friend" Rudhr said and Shivaay coughed hard!

" Girlfriend ?" he asked continuing his coughs!

" Shut up Rudy! He is joking please don't take him seriously " She said to Shivaay exactly not looking at face being shy! Shivaay seeing her talking to him!

" Ani darling please take me to my room " Rudhr said wrapping his arms around her!

" I will do that " Shivaay said immediately taking Rudhr arms away from her! She left from there without meeting her eyes With him!

Shivaay went to his room dropping Rudhr to his room and connected the CCTV live recording to his laptop! He admired the finest Beauty infront of her from one camera to another!

Suddenly she disappeared from camera 3 and appered in camera 4 that was the camera in the corridor of his room! In second there was a knock at the door! He immediately shut the laptop!

" Come in " He said! Annika Entered looking down!

" Dadi said to talk about decoration with you " Annika said!

" Oh! Please come and sit " he said hoping to make a conversation and avail the opportunity dadi provided to him! Shyly she took baby steps and sat on couch far from where he was sitting! But he being he went close to her himself and cleared his throat seeing her rubbing her hands being nervous!

" Do you need something " he asked

" No Thanku! Please tell me how you want the decorations of stage to be done " Annika asked

" Umm I.. I.. whatever you like " Shivaay was hoping that they would have a conversation but she was not ready for that! She started the talk directly about the work!

" Then May I leave? " she asked

" Ye.. yes " he said half heartdly!

" Is there limit over any expenses? " she asked

" You can spend as much as you want " he said with a smile already dreaming of their marriage and him telling her that she can spend how much she wants while going on shopping!

" Thank u I must leave then " She said and got up to leave!

" Annika " He called her out! Her name from his voice sent spark in her body!

" Yes sir " She managed to say!

" You can call me shivaay " He said with smile! She smiled back

" Okay shivaay " and his heart skipped a beat! His name never sounded so good!

" You must take rest now " He said!  She nodded with a smile and went away from his sights! He layed on bed reminding their little conversation!

To be continued

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