Under the Desk (dnf)

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"Fuck!", George yelled as his home kept getting blown up by creepers.

Clay rubbed his eyes as George's yelling had woken him up. He realized George was streaming, and quickly he developed a evil plan.

George let his head go limp as he stuffed his head in his hands. He groaned as his luck in the survival server was very bad that day. He had died and lost all his loot. He was too busy trying to not get frustrated to notice his blonde boyfriend slyly creep into the room.

Clay smirked as his boyfriend was oblivious to him sneaking in. Clay decided to wait until he was very focused to let his plan play out. Soon enough, George was fighting mobs and very focused. So Clay began to get on his knees and hands to crawl under George's desk. Surprisingly, George still hadn't noticed.

George felt his phone vibrate, and he was quick to check it. "Don't say anything", the text said. It was from Clay. After he had read it, he felt a hand creep onto his knee from below. He gasped and glared down. He quickly adverted his gaze to not give his boyfriend the attention he craved. He turned his focus back onto the stream and Clay faked a pout before his hand creeped higher up on George's leg. Clay stuck his hand on the inside of the waistband of George's sweatpants and boxers and glided his hand along the waist, teasing.

George bit his bottom lip, and glared at his chat, still ignoring Clay. Clay got more bold and pulled off George's sweatpants to his knees swiftly. George cut off his camera and mic, "Clay what the hell are you doing!" His boyfriend smirked, "Just helping you out. Turn your mic and camera back on. Don't make a noise."

Hesitantly, George did as told and turned his camera and mic back on and continued the game as normal.

George let out a heavy breath as he felt his erection getting palmed. His eyelids fluttered from pleasure but he fought the urge to let out a noise. Clay got bored of it soon and pulled down George's black boxers down to where his sweatpants were. George desperately scooted forward in his chair with excitement. Clay snickered and grabbed ahold on George's erection and began licking the underside of his tip and refused to go lower.

George whined in a beg for more but disguised it as he was killing mobs. Clay decided to comply as he took in all of George's length into his mouth. George's eyes rolled into the back of his head as his tip hit the back of Clay's throat, making him gag slightly.

The stream's chat was going crazy. George hid his face in his hands as Clay bobbed on his erection. George let out a shuddered breath as Clay started to focus on the tip, making George's legs tremble.

"G-Guys I have to end the s-stream. Thanks for w-watching!" George abruptly ended the stream, and quickly turned off his mic and camera. He let out a sigh of relief as he threw his head back, letting out a groan. "Fuck...", he said under his breath as he felt himself get close to release.

Clay swirled his tongue on the tip as he knew George was getting close. Clay pumped his erection and made eye contact with George as he released. George let out a moan as his face contorted, not breaking eye contact.

George panted as Clay began to clean himself and George off. "Don't do that again...", George muttered out of breath, "...we'll get caught."

"Oh come on now, George, you love the risk." Clay said as he got up from under the desk. He kissed George on the forehead before leaving George in the room, still slightly out of breath and exposed.

Clay headed to the bathroom and turned on the water, preparing a warm bath. He went back to the room and helped George over to the bathroom to where he showered him with kisses before letting him soak in the tub.

"Good boy."

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