Bonus Chapter 2

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Lilly's POV:

           "Train like champions! Don't  you dare lower your pace! You could die from being worn out like this! Keep that poker face and keep working!" I heard the trainer say during my training session for the agency. I hated these as much as I did the first time I had to do them when I was still a high school student. Except the difference now is that the training that was so hard back then is now just my warm up. I pushed to do my best as the others trained with me. They were pouring buckets just like me.

        Class ended and I could not wait to shower and do what I wanted for the rest of the day. I now lived only  15 minutes away from headquarters at an apartment building with the rest of the team. I was 24 now and I couldn't  help but look back and realize how long I've  been going on missions as a spy and loving it. That brought me all the way back to junior year. Junior year brought me back to Jake. I looked down at my ring finger that had nothing on it. We've been dating for eight years and he still hasn't  popped the question yet. I wasn't  getting any younger.

       I pushed my thoughts aside as I stepped into my apartment that I shared with Christina and Kaitie. John, Josh, Chris, and Jake shared the apartment that was two stories down and across the hall. I raced home to be able to use the shower first and luckly I was. Ha! In your faces.

      I got out and put on the new sun dress I got on my last shopping spree. It was navy blue with white stripes and spaghetti  straps. I placed on my flats with little bows on them and I was ready to go. I don't  know where I was gonna go, but I figured I would  get out of the apartment. As I stepped out of my apartment, I found Jake there about to knock. "Oh hey." He said scratching the back of his neck. "Hey." I said as his hand slipped into mine and we walked out to the elevator. "Where are you taking me?" I asked as he ran out of the elevator, tugging me along with him. "You're  favorite place." He stated.

         15 minutes later we were at the anual fair from my hometown. The place Jake took me to on our first date. He took me to a bunch of rides and won me multiple stuffed animals. That's  when a good thing turned into having to deal with my job again. Kaitie was in her gear and motioned us to come over to where she was hiding. "Here. Put your  gear on. Case 3487 has arrived and it's  here. The Parental Controllers are roaming the fair." She informed us about our latest big mission and it had just started and it started here.

       I was now changed into full gear and no longer in my cute dress but in my kick ass equiptment. I snuck around and the enemy was in range. I locked eyes on my assigned enemy agent that I had to bring down. I stuck my arm out and pulled him behind a ride. I tried using my equiptment but it wasn't  working so I did  things the old fashioned way. Kicking it like I'm a high schooler again. I punched him in his jaw then kicked him to the ground before tieing him up. Ah. Just like old times. That was way too easy though. I suspected something.

         I found Jake and he rushed me to the farris wheel. "They are here. Trust me I saw them come here." He huffed as we climbed the emergency ladder of the large ride. We got to the very top to an open seat. He jumped in the seat and pulled me up with him. Before I could even second guess him his lips were on mine. He pulled away hesitantly and then before I could ask questions he pointed to some lights that spelt out

Marry me?

      I turned back and he was holding out a box with a ring while carefully balancing on one knee at the top of the farris wheel.

"Of course!" I said as he sat back in the seat and placed the ring on my finger. My lips were on his again as the farris wheel came back down.

      "So this whole mission was a fake?" I asked with confusion. "No, only today. Here and now. The enemy wasn't  at the fair today." He said smirking. "You jerk!" I said slapping his chest laughing. "I beat up some stranger for no reason!" I whisper-yelled at Jake who broke down into a fit of laughter. "That's Gary. We paid him to let you beat him up. He's  from the agency." He tried saying while he laughed. "I couldn't  help but laugh with him.

        As we walked away, Jake's  arm around my shoulders and our gear on, I looked at my ring finger and now I felt like I was complete.


A/N: I know this was a short chapter, but I really wanted to wright it in honor of getting over 2K reads on this book! I can't  tell you how happy I am about this. I never thought this book would get over 50 reads. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!




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