♥ Epilogue ♥

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He's hot, he's nice, he's perfect. Too bad he's my brother.

Part Twenty

Epilogue!! :]


:: A Few Months Later ::

I threw the keys onto the table, leaning back a bit. It's been so hectic now that we've left. Ending up in New York City, it's been quite a ride. A good one, though.

The lit up city beckoned me below, but I threw myself onto the couch, and flicked on the TV. But before I could close my eyes, my phone began to vibrate.

Keenan: meet me downstairs. important!


I smiled at his name, but did as I was told. Throwing my shoes on and tieing my hair into a ponytail, I rushed downstairs without a second thought.

Not seeing him in the lobby, I went outside. The moon and stars on the black canvas reminded me of the night we left, but I shook it off to look for Keenan. Suddenly, hands covered my eyes, and a grin overwhelmed my mouth.

"Guess who?" He whispered.

Whirling around, I nearly choked. There Keenan was, on one knee, a beautiful ring in front of me. My eyes widened in shock, and people passing by awed and stared.

"Will you marry me, Ivory?" He whispered.

A rush of excitement sent shivers down my spine.

"Yes!! A million times, yes!"

I jumped into his arms, not even waiting till he slipped the ring on my finger. Some people applauded, then went back to their normal lives. But we remained in that position till I pulled away.

He slipped the huge diamond onto my engagement finger, and a single tear slipped down my cheek. Keenan kissed it away, and he took my hands.

"Ivory, prepare to be Mrs. Ivory Jett...again." He whispered the last part.

Shoving him playfully he got back up, and took me once again into his arms. Looking back at him, I planted a little kiss on his nose.

"I love you, Keenan."

"I love you too, Ivory."


Aww!! It's completely OVER. :'( But still, fear not my loyal readers! More forbidden romances to come...And thank you so much for all the support! I can't express how much it means to me!! *wails*

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