Legolas teaches you how to shoot

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During battle, your main weapon are swords and daggers, but you've wanted more. You want to kill enemies from farther range rather than always slicing then up close. Sometimes nasty Orc blood gets in your eyes and you can't see. You want to learn to shoot.

You head to the shooting range placed just inside the borders of Mirkwood. You sling a full quiver of arrows on your back and grab a spare bow. You carefully notch an arrow and face the target. You release the arrow, but it suddenly falls right in front of you. How does this work? You reach to your quiver searching for another arrow and then notch the arrow once more. And again, you fail to hit the target.

You hear footsteps towards you and you begin to tense. You can't stand someone watching you do something you're not good at.

So again, you notch an arrow and aim at the target. You can't stand the pressure because you really want to perform well in front of people. But again, you miss the target. Frustrated, you throw the bow on the ground and start to walk back into the kingdom, but then a soft chuckle startles you.

"My lady, do you need help?" The familiar voice says. I look over and see the Prince of Mirkwood standing there with his hands on his hips.

"No, no. I am truly fine... not really. I'm sorry, Prince Legolas, I just need more skill on the battlefield. Would you mind teaching me to shoot an arrow?" I confess. He chuckles and places my left hand on the bow. He then places his left hand on top of mine. I can feel his warm breath against my neck as he then guides my other hand to nock an arrow. He shows me how to stand and we prepare to fire the arrow. 

"On the count of three, let go." He says and I nod in response. "One... Two... Three." And I release my grip from the arrow. I gasp in awe as I see the arrow placed in the middle of the target.

"Horray!" I shout with glee. Legolas smiles at me. "Thank you, Prince Legolas."

"Just call me Legolas." He says as he smiles at me. I feel my cheeks flush with heat as he walks back to resume what he has been doing before.

I'm so sorry my imagines are so short. I can't think of anything to write! Mind giving me some ideas? Thanks! See you :)

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