Banes Moon

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Ali and i were now stood at the clearing waiting to start, i could see six others that were to join us. None of us were wearing clothes and i was glad the night wasn't cold. "Hey Justin" We turned to see Duncan walking towards us. "Het Duncan how'd it go" He had been sent to the war school after we had spoken to dad. "Yeah thanks it seems if i can do as if i can do as i'm told i'll do alright" "They let you in?" Duncan nodded "Apparently as stupid as it was surviving a fight with a shifter was impressive" "Damn right" I agreed "But i'm glad i don't have to knock some sense into them"

Ali decided now would be a good idea to interupt "What the hell are you two on about?" She demanded. Between us we explained what happened. "So you went and did something stupid" She pointed at Duncan "Your skinny ass saved him. Meaning now he gets to go to war school and we find out that the worlds gone crazy" Me and Duncan just looked at each other before looking back at her. Before we could say anything dad called us over.

"By the way can i stick with you tonight?, i know it sounds weird but i got a feeling about tonight and it isn't good" Duncan asked "Same here" Ali spoke, i too had a weird feeling about tonight. I looked at both of them then nodded "Sure" Ali and i knew we were going to be standing alone anyway, the other kids were nice enough to admit at school that they wouldn't want to embarrase themselves with a pathetic thing like me when they first meet their mates.

Everone stood around alone except for us three, "When the moon is at it's highest your wolf will take over" My dad spoke from the middle of the clearing, i could feel the nerves and excitement rolling of the wolves, except fot Ali and i. We knew our mates wern't coming, we were only here because we were to cowardly to tell our parents the truth. "If your mates are close they will come to you, your wolves will howl until you find them. Do not worry about anytthing for they will know what to do" I looked at Duncan and Ali with a smile, but the look on their faces made me frown. "She's ecxited, she wants to do this. But we know he's not coming i don't know whats wrong with her" Ali admitted. My wolf was doing the same. "He's going nuts" Duncan said "He knows something big is going to happen" I nodded "Mines the same but i don't understand"

Suddenly we felt it, our bodies began to burn and tingle and we all gave ourselves to our wolves. The howls started one or two at first until all eight of us were howling into the night. I had heard it before when others had gone through this and to me the calling was one of the most beautiful sounds i had ever heard. The wolves that had come with us who wasn't howling stood in the middle some in human form some in wolf form. I always believed it to be a magnificant sight.

We heard one wolf howl louder and with out stopping we turned to see who it was. I recognised her as a girl called Lisa. She had a light grey fur, but her human had dark brown hair and blue eyes, we watched as another wolf howled back and we saw him come from the woods. His coat was a dark colour as he slowly made his way to her, she stopped howling and slowly walked towards him. Once they were infront of each other they stood there, he slightly towered over her. Then Lisa lay on the ground in submission and the male wolf began to rub over her, lick at her fur as to put his scent on her. They had gladly accepted each other. I heard Duncan next and turned to look at him, he had turned to face the woods behind us so i did the same.  Nothing could prepare me for what happened, slowly we watched as a shifter appeared at the edge of the woods cautiously, it's eyes on Duncan. I wondered for a second if this was the attack that we were expecting, but as i watched i realised it seemed confussed. I could see it comeing towards us, but it looked like it was afraid of something. Growling behind me pulled me out of my thoughts. "Dad stop" Ithought to him "It's not here to hurt us" I could feel the questions my dad had. "Trust me please" I begged, he must have agreed because the growling stopped. All this time i was still howling, Alis had got louder, then i felt it, my own wolf joined in, all three of us howled as hard and loud as we could to the moon. Our wolves now had complete control, yet i could see and hear everything. And how i wished i couldn't.

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