"That girl who named Reiko I interested on her"-Guy said

"But master said I should kill them.But first I should transfer on their school.Whahahahaha!!!"


Reiko's POV


"Good Morning.Everyone"-Me




"What a good day.Right?"-Me


Then suddenly the girls who likes Yukiteru came...

"Why are talking to Yukiteru?"-Girl 1

"It's none of your business"-Me

"You stay away from Yukiteru"-Girl 2

"Don't like to do that"-Me

"Why?"-Girl 4

"Because he is the only one I can tease"-Me

"You.."-Girl 4

When the Girl 4 going to slap Reiko.Ryouko suddenly appear then stop the hand of the girl on slapping Reiko...

"Wha...Who the hell are you?"-Girl 4

"I'm Ryouko.One of the closest friend of Reiko and Yukiteru"-Ryouko

"So,You like him"-Girl 5

"Hell no!"-Ryouko

"That's enough for today"-Me




"If you intend to hurt Reiko.You will never se Yukiteru again"-Ryouko


Then the girls run...

"Thak you.Ryouko"-Me

"Phew~You're welcome"-Ryouko

"Let's go Guys"-Okumura

"Kay"-Re,Ry and Y

Then they go on their classroom...

Ryouko's POV




"What's the matter?"-Yukiteru and Okumura



"Okay Let's go to our seats''-Okumura


Then they all seat...

After that the teacher came...



"Today we have a  new transfer student"-Teacher

*I wonder who is it?*-Reiko

*Is it a girl or a boy?*-Me

Then a boy enters the room...

"Hi,My name is Kyoshiro.Nice to meet you n_n"-Kyoshiro

"He's so handsome"-Girls (except Reiko and Me)

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