|1| The Start

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?? |pov|

The wall officially broke down as hundreds and thousands of zombies rushed in, attacking and eating people. People, including children all scattered the place, screaming and crying out loud, trying to find shelter but no matter where they went, wasn't safe.

I tried so hard to help a few people but a guy dressed in a doctor suit runs up to me, grabbing my shirt. "Sir, Dr Hyun needs to see you right now!", he exclaimed. "Hold on- let me help these people-"..."Sir- it's an emergency!". "Ok, fine". We both ran back to the tents seeing Hyun packing his things. "What is it? What's wrong?".

"There's a helicopter I hid but we need someone to fly it-"..."And you want me to?", I asked as he nodded his head, yes. "I don't know how though", I anxiously replied. "It's okay you'll have one of my men help guide you", he explained as he was quickly grabbing his things.

"What about all those people? We can still save some". "Forget about them, we need to save ourselves...I thought we could help save everyone but now that the wall is down it's too late", Dr Hyun explained rushing to the helicopter.

"Hurry up before people see us". We all then hopped in as I sat in the front trying to figure how to fly this damn thing. "Sir look!", one guard shouted as we all looked outside seeing people running towards us. "Hurry there coming!", Dr Hyun shouted.

I quickly turned on the power button as I felt the helicopter lifting up off the ground but then people arrived, jumping on. "Ahhh-". I looked back as I saw Hyun being dragged out by the crowd of people as some hopped on, crying for there life.

"Hyun!", I called getting up. "Leave him. We got to go- the bomb is about to drop", one guy says as I quickly rushed back, pulling up the helicopter but some people were still trying to hop on but then I heard one of the military aircraft from above.

"Please I beg you. Save me", one guy cried outside as I looked at him, being shocked to see who it was. "Y-Your still alive?!", I asked with a relieved smile. "Yeah- nothing can kill me", he joked making me laugh. "Well hurry in, there coming!".

There was then zombies that started jumping on the helicopter. "We gotta go now!", people cried. "Hold on people", I shouted as I saw the bomb drop, quickly flying off with the nuclear bomb exploding. The bomb was so big I could literally feel the heat at the back of my neck.

I turned my back seeing a few mother's holding onto there scared children, old people silently crying, and teenagers who were alone and my dear friend who I thought was dead. Glad to see him again. "We're good. We're safe", one guy cried being relieved.

"Welcome aboard...Our next stop. California", I chuckled as they all cheered. I then noticed a guy wrapped in layers of blankets. "Are you okay, isn't it too hot?", I asked as he nodded looking like he was on crack.

"I-I'm fine". "Just making sure"...

Narrator |pov|

After the helicopter landed in Cali, a football stadium. They all walked out and saw crowds of people which most of them were from Korea. Many ran off and searched for there lost loved ones while some were the last of there family.

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