Chapter One

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Paisley's P.O.V

I watched him. I studied the outline of the features on his face, trying to decipher him as he sunk his teeth into his bottom lip nervously, while clutching the leather of the steering wheel as he drove at top speed. He then brought the orange and white stick to his mouth as he inhaled deeply and then exhaled with relief. He blew a cloud of smoke into the once fresh air that now became polluted by a fog of toxins. I unwillingly took in the smoke that lingered around me with one breath and felt it fill my lungs like water being poured into a glass.

I was forced to cough.

"Can you kill that cigarette!" I said with my eyes still focused on Orin as the rays of the Californian sun had shone down upon us.

"Paisley, remember this is my fucking car. I will smoke in it if I want!" Orin clenched his jaw, peeling his eyes off the straight and narrow road to glanced over at me for a split second as I sat comfortably in the passenger seat beside him.

I rolled my eyes in frustration at the words that spat from his pouty lips.

"Ori, the smoke I'm inhaling from your darn cigarette is making me cough!"

"Deal with it." He said simply with no emotion and shrugged while he took yet another drag from his cigarette and exhaled it purposely in my direction.

I looked at my brother in disgust as my eyes squinted at the sight of him. I wanted nothing more but to hate him but I couldn't. The love I felt for him was stronger then any hatred I could possibly imagine.

My fingers curled around the lukewarm latte that filled the paper cup that I grasped with one hand. I enjoyed latte's in any weather, melting hot or blizzard storm cold. I had bought this particular one at the gas station, when Orin had stopped there to fill his tank. I sipped it slowly and it was bitter, similar to the way Orin now was.

"Can you quit driving like a loon!" I said after I had spilt some of the warm beverage onto myself as I watched the light brown stain spread onto my white tank top.

"You're more than welcomed to walk from here" He snapped and couldn't care less as the car pulled over on the side of the road, coming to a complete halt.

I could never tell the difference between, whether he was serious or whether he was just messing around and I wasn't going to test him by saying fine I will...It was too big of a risk even though I was stubborn enough to do it. Instead I pressed my lips together not responding with a single word.

"Smart choice." he said firmly and then threw an artificial smile my way.

The next ten minutes of the drive was filled with pure silence and I felt the need to break the ice. My mind was at war with itself as it fought over various topics to introduce to him and bring up for discussion.

"How are you feeling about, you know...all of this?" I said and at that very moment I had blurted it out, I knew that it was the wrong question to ask but it was too late to take back my words and swallow them whole.

I shifted my body to face him. Orin's eyes stayed fixated on the tar road ahead, his face was solemn and his grassy green eyes showed no emotion whatsoever.

"Look Paisley. I don't want to talk about this right now!" He said still focusing on the road ahead. Orin wasn't one to vocalize his thoughts nor emotions and it was upsetting to know that he was struggling with it but yet he refused the help I persistently offered.

"Understood." I sighed, brushing it off.

Orin took a sharp left as he checked his mirrors, landing us up in the road we were suppose to end up in.

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