Chapter Fourty Six

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"Hey (y/n)! Can you show these young ladies where the love potions are?" George said.

Since you turned 18, George offered you a job at his shop. You worked with him as a co-owner of the shop and you made good money there.

Draco worked as an assistant in the Ministery of Magic. He was hoping to keep getting promotions so he could become an auror or something.

You led the girls to the love potions. "These here are five galleons."

The girls thanked you and you left.

You were humming really loudly, arranging items on shelves and cleaning the dust off.

George looked at you, a smirk on his face. "You're happy today. You never hum."

You looked at him. "Yes, George, I am happy. Something has come up and I must tell Draco."

"Don't tell me you got another job offer!"

"No!! George I love working here!" You said.

George nodded. "Soo what is it?"

You walked up to George and went on your tippy toes to whisper in his ear.

Once you told George he smiled brightly. "I think you could wrap that up and give it to him as a gift!"

"George it is a gift!" You exclaimed.

"Then wrap it!"


George took you out back to discuss the idea.


"Mr. Malfoy, those are the wrong papers!"

Draco was getting really frusterated.

His boss was really mean, picky, and rude.

She reminded him very much of Dolores Umbridge.

But he kept his mouth shut. This was an alright paying job.

He was pretty sure you made more, though. Not that he really needs to work. He's loaded!

It was late afternoon, about five o clock.

You would be out of work in approximately one hour.

Then you would go home and make dinner.

Draco smiled to himself.

You didn't want your house elf, Chicken, to do the cooking since he spends all day cleaning every inch of the mansion.

You always made him rest.

At first, Draco was against it. He was brought up to treat house elfs like vermin.

But when he pushed goodness....

You were in the room across yours and Draco's bedroom a.k.a. the room where you organize the money the shop had received the past month.
Draco was in the bedroom, laying down, waiting for Chicken to bring his cinammon tea.
Chicken came with a little tray. The tray had tea, sugar, and cookies.
He placed the tray beside Draco and waited, his hands behind his back.
Draco put the sugar in and sipped his tea.
He narrowed his eyes. "This is not cinammon tea."
Chicken stepped back. "We were out of cinammon, so I brought you chamomile. I didn't want to let master down.."
Draco placed the tea on the tray and got up. He walked towards Chicken and Chicken backed up.
"Go buy cinammon and make me cinammon tea!"
"But master, the stores are closed..."
"Now!" Draco pushed Chicken and Chicken fell.
Now the room you were in was a really large room. The desk you worked at was all the way across the room. Everything was barely audible back there.
But within ONE second, no like half a second, you opened the door with one quick motion, the door slamming on the wall.
It was quiet. Draco looked at you with big puppy eyes and Chicken was crying quietly, rubbing his head. The wind was heard outside.
"Did you just push my elf who is family to me?"
Chicken got up and hugged you.
You bent down, "Where does it hurt, sweety?"
He rubbed the back of his head.
"Go put some ice on it, I'll be right down."
Chicken left.
'Oh no', Draco thought.
~flashback end~

Let's just say that Draco had a massive bruise on his bottom that hurt for three days.

Never again was he cruel to Chicken.

Draco looked at the clock. It was already six.

You were out.

He would be out in twenty minutes.

Cool. If he took his time to go back to his boss's office, it would take twenty minutes.

So Draco took his time....


FINALLY! Draco was out. He apparated back home and walked into the mansion.

"Sweetheart, I'm home!" He called.

"I'm in the sitting room!" You called.

Draco went to the sitting room and walked up to you, giving you a big kiss.

"What's for dinner? I'm starved."

"I made (favorite food)." You smiled.

Draco smiled. "Ah, your favorite."

"I invited Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron over for dinner. Is that okay?"

Draco nodded. "Sure."

"Okay, but just one thing. I have a present for you."

Draco sat down on the arm chair across from you and smiled.

"Really?" He smiled.

You nodded and took out a small box in silver wrapping paper.

Draco took it and and unwrapped it.

"Hey, this is the ring box that your ring came in."

You nodded.

"What's this about?" Draco asked.

"Your not done unwrapping it." You said.

Draco stared at you for a while before opening the box.

He took out the pacifier that was inside and laughed. "Haha! A prank gift! I'll get you back watch!"

Draco continued laughing.

"No, Draco. It's not a prank gift."

Draco stopped laughing but his smile remained. "So this is for me to use?"

You laughed. "No! It's not for you to use. But we're still going to be needing it."

A look of confusion spread on Draco's face.

The crickets were heard outside.

You waited.

Then Draco figured it out.

"Wait... do you mean to say....." Draco said, sitting up straight.

You smiled and nodded. "Yes, Draco. I'm pregnant."

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