Chapter #19: It Was For The Best

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He looked pale, skinny, and innocent. His skin was cold, and no matter how loud you could scream in his ear, he wouldn't hear. He wouldn't respond. I knew it'd been 5 months, but I didn't get why it was just now kicking in that he was basically dead. Unresponsive. Oblivious. I didn't know why just now I realized the absolute sadness of being in a traumatic coma. The feeling of waking up, after being gone for so long... How did that feel? Knowing that it could be a few months later, or a whole 4 years later. What you missed, who'd moved on, who stayed.

I wonder what that felt like. 

They said his lips are more wrinkled than normal because he smoked. They said he's had a history of drugs, which is causing the machines to work harder on pumping air and medication into him. They said that after 1 year, he'd lose a 10% chance of waking up. I wasn't going to let that damned 10% make me lose hope, and the faith I had in him. 

I looked around the room, my head as it is, on his chest, but my eyes roaming. The room had last looked like it was empty, untouched, but the odd chair that moved from his mother or I. When I looked around right now, things seemed moved. I saw some empty bottles, a stand with medication on it, some weird pumps and fresh box of latex gloves on the once empty shelf. Was this where the nurses had been running to?

"Ma'am, visiting hours are over."

I jumped at the voice, turning around to face the door. I lift my head up off of Evan's chest, and it takes me a few seconds to adjust to where I even was. When I looked down at Evan, I kissed his cheek and slid off the bed tiredly, my feet gliding against the floor. The doctor smiled at me as I walked passed him, my hands on my stomach, clutching lightly. 

"Wait," I whispered, turning around with my eyebrows scrunched upon one another. "Has there been... Any change?"

The doctor shuffled from one foot to another. "Last night, yes. There had been an emergency call, something about his heart skipping a beat and occurring regularly on its own, before falling back to the reliance of the machines."

My fingers flew to my lips, my eyes widening. "Does that mean anything?" I questioned, my voice coming out shaky.

The doctor tugged a piece of hair behind her ear, her bun flopping around as she shrugged. "I'm afraid that part is confidential, ma'am."

I shook my head aggressively. "No! No, but I'm his girlfriend! I've been here from the start I- I am allowed to know! I am, right?" 

I felt panicked, looking at her with a new sense of hope. The doctor smiled. "I'm afraid I have to leave now."

"Good evening," she bid goodbye, and I nodded curtly, walking out into the almost dark hallways of the hospital, slowly on the balls of my feet.

I couldn't believe it. Evan's heart had fluttered on it's own. I knew the other night the reasons as to why so many nurses were running towards the south wing of the hospital.

They were running for Evan.

How come none of us were informed of this?

A new sense of pain slid through me as I imagined how it would've been if he had began breathing on his own, if he had woken up. All those nurses were running for him, to give him that little boost he needed to wake up, but it clearly didn't work. It reminded me of my parents, when I was so young and oblivious in that hospital, watching all the nurses surround my dad, aching to keep him alive. Was that how they surrounded Evan? My head ached with the hundreds of questions I had. I flinched, jumping out of my little bubble, and moved along with the hallway.

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