I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 51

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Part 51 - (Recap)

"Because Jordan's the father!"


I knew it! I knew he was a scumbag from the beginning!

How could someone sink so low? What the hell is his problem!?!

Oh god! Nicky! She's barely been dating him and he's already gone and broken her heart- she just doesn't know it yet . . .

"What are you gonna do?" I asked still holding her as she sobbed into my shirt.

"I dunno," she muttered and for a minute I felt my heart stop, she wasn't going to get rid of it right? I mean it's her choice and I believe everyone has a right to whatever they think is best but deep down I just don't agree with it, in my mind it's a human and call me stupid or up tight for that whatever, I don't care but to me it feels wrong.

But I'll take my hat off to everyone who's gone through with it though, it must be the hardest thing to do in life and I wouldn't judge them, everyone had their reasons for everything they do.

Hence it's their life.

"Maybe leave," My eyes widened and I got to my knees gripping her shoulders and I looked into her tear soaked eyes.

"What?! You can't! Nicky! She has a right-"

"You can't say anything! Promise you won't say anything!" She yelled suddenly, her voice straining not to crack as we both got to our feet. I looked away as she reversed the hold and grabbed my shoulders shaking me a little. "Their happy together Fay! It's not our place to get involved-"

"And what if he does it to her? What if he gets her pregnant? What then?"  Sandra looked deep in my eyes, her body shaking slightly as she bit down on her bottom lip.

"He won't." She whispered, her eyes spilling over in tears once again as she leaned back against the wall allowing her hair to half cover her face.

"You don't know that. Look what's done to you!"

"He loves her Fay-" Her voice gave in, the pain she was feeling inside hit me hard and I felt my heart break a little for her.

"Love isn't always enough, what if-"

"PLEASE JUST STOP!" She yelled again, this time there was pure anger in her words and I felt my blood boil, I know this wasn't the time to have a girl fight but it wasn't just about her and her pride, Nicky was involved and the same thing could happen to her, something that I could stop and I know it would hurt now but its better then her having to go through it from Sandra's angle!

"I'm not letting Nicky stumble into that relationship not knowing what's happened!" I yelled back and turned ready to exist the door, but before I could reach it Sandra wrapped her hand around my arm and spun me back around to face her.

"It's none of your-"

"Nickys my friend!"

"And I'm not?"

"No, you know what I mean."

"Please Fay, just don't tell her." I sighed knowing it wasn't my place if it didn't have a chance of Nicky getting hurt, but it does and so it is. Sandra must have seen the look cross my face because in a second she was begging again. "She's in love! you can't just ruin it for her! He won't make the same mistake, he cares about her and even though I still . . . she deserves to be with someone who'll love her."

"Sandra, what if it happens to her! Just imagine, we could have stopped it, warned her before it happened! She'd hurt so much more! It's the right thing!" Now I was the one begging her to try and understand where I was coming from. "What about Jordan? Don't you think he has a right to know too? That he's gonna be a daddy?"

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