Ch. 35

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Harmony's p.o.v|

"Hi baby." Luke places a kiss on my stomach.

"Luke, I don't even have a bump yet."

"So, our little boy or girl is still in there," he smiles cutely.


He then kisses me.

"So, are we announcing the pregnancy?"

"Whenever you want to, I'm not gonna force you to do it now."

"It's been two weeks already. We have to tell everyone."

"Yeah, you're right" he said.

We decide to take a picture to share the news on Twitter. Luke tweets the picture of his Twitter account.

"Done" he says.

"Thank god."


We're now at the 5SOS' house.

"Hey guys," I greet them with open arms.

"How's my favorite?" Mikey asked.

"Aww, I'm your favorite?" I look up at a blue haired Michael.

"Well yeah, but I was mainly talking to the baby" Mikey says.

"Wow thanks."

"Yeah, how's the little one going?" Calum asked.

"She or he's good."

"I was talking about you" Cal said.

"See this is going to get really confusing," I explain to them.

"Yeah it is" Luke said.

"Where are the girls?" I asked.

"They're out the back" Ash said.


I go outside and see them sitting down near the pool. They were all in deep conversation.

"Hey girls."

"Hi Harmony!" Stacey says awfully loud.

"My ears!" I laugh at her.

"Sorry," she laughs.

"It's alright. What's everyone talking about?" I sit down and join in on the discussion.

"You actually" Elisa said.


"Yes" Alexis replied.


"Because we're talking about the baby" Erica said.

"Oh, what about the baby?"

"Thought of any names yet?" Stacey asked.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves here."

"Okay, we were just curious" Rose said.

(Later that day)

"Luke, where the hell are we going?" I ask him.

"Just a place" he said.

"Like?" I look up at him.

"Like I said it's just a place."

I pout and we continue walking.

"You know I shouldn't be walking this much" I say.

"Wow, lazy much?" Luke chuckled.

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