Chapter 14: New York Wrap Up

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Winter's POV

I felt the warm rays on my cheek as my eyelids heavily lifted. My arm lazily came up to my mouth as a yarn/stretch cruised across my body. I slowly turned my torso around, blindlessly reaching for a body I couldn't find.

"Tyler?" I sighed, shivering and snuggling further into the blankets.

"Morning." He replied, his voice sounding as if he was in another part of the room.

"How was your sleep?" He asked, unzipping his suitcase.

"It was fine. Why are you up?" I inquired, attempting to haul my ass out of the soft cotton sheets and comfy mattress.

"You promised me a full day of sight seeing in this snowy New York weather! I won't let you go back on your word." He stated, grabbing his towel.

"Ugh fine." I replied, crawling out of bed.

Tyler's POV

My sleep last night was peaceful. It was a nice change to be woken up from somebody else's nightmares instead of my own.

What troubled me was that it was Winter's.


Tyler's POV

"It's beautiful."

We were currently standing in our hotel room balcony, looking out over New York's evening Landscape. Today had been adventurous and such a pleasant get away from work.

We had gone to 2 modern art museums which gave me a plethora of inspiration for my book, We also did some glorious sight seeing. This day was one of the greatest days I have had in a long while but it was the fact that I got to spend it with Winter, that made it so special.

"I agree." I said, shifting closer so we were standing side-by-side leaning over the railing. Her fingers grazed across mine before she slipped her hand into mine. I immediately locked them.

"Beautiful things don't ask for attention." she sighed, leaning her head onto my shoulder, and gave out a rich laugh.

It was funny how she laughed like she had never known love, loneliness, or the darkness of night...

...and yet, in her silence, I knew she was familiar with far worse and far greater than I may ever have wished to know...

I know I know, this one was super short! But that just means you will get a longer one next time! Mock Trial is officially over so hip hip HOORAY! I will be posting more frequently, and I will ALSO be starting a new book that you guys will get a preview of in the next chapter! Love you guys, and thanks so much for reading!! Xoxo

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