CHAPTER 20: Purple Hair And Confusion

Perrie's POV

----------------Car Ride----------------

Dylan's parents are a charmer, ever since we got in the car we have been talking about anything non-stop. Maureen is really cute and sweet, while Roger is funny. Roger's sense of humor is really something.

But what I'm really nervous about is, if Zayn or one of the lads sees the pictures the paparazzis took. The last time I know is that Cheryl's flying today to New York later today to watch the lads.

OH GOD! I need to inform her.

I texted her about everything. She was alarmed, but she said she got it all on control.

What is she going to do?

"Mum, where is my lovely brother?" Dylan said, which snapped out of my thoughts.

"Oh he's at his flat. He said he's going to eat supper with us later at the hotel..." Maureen answered.

Cheryl's POV

I just got off the phone with Perrie. She said that some paparazzis got her picture with Dylan. I told I got it all on control, but I was lying. I really don't know what to do.




I searched the pictures that the paparazzis posted, and realized that they were just back shots. All they can see is Perrie's hair.



I will change my hair. I will color my hair. Ohh, I'll color it with my favorite color.



I'm now looking at my purple hair. It kind of looks odd, but it rocks! And it looks different to my other hair.

My phone buzzed.

"Babe, I'm coming to pick you up already. Get ready. - Zayn x"

I raced to the the loo, washed my face, got any clothes that I can see and wore it. I put some make-up.

Got my essentials in my purse, and put all my important stuff at my hand carry bag.

When I finished, I was just supposed to sit on the couch. But then the doorbell rang.

I opened it and saw Zayn, I pecked his lips and enveloped him in a hug.

"Okay guys! Enough PDA!" Louis yelled.

I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, just help me with my bags Lou." I batted my eyelashes at him.

"Okay! Purpled hair lass."

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Why did you change your hair-color, Perrie? It looks good, but I didn't expect you to color your hair with that hue." Liam asked.

"Why did shave your hair, Daddy?" I snapped.

Oh, no. What did I just say. It's about to bring back memories of his break-upwith Danielle. Oh well, at least their back together now.

" Joke, Kidding. I just wanted to try this color." I added

I hugged him, and whispered "I'm sorry" at his ears.

"It's fine. I'm still happy Pez." He whispered back, assuring.

When the lads put my bags in the trunk of the van. I went to jade to say goodbye.


She appeared in front of me out of nowhere.

"Yes." She muttered.

"I just wanted to say goodbye, because we're going already..." I hugged her.

"Aww, I'm going to miss you Pez." She said tearing up a bit.

She's really a cutie.

"It's just 3 days Jade." I chuckled.

"But can't I miss my girlie?!" Jade joked.

I laughed.

"Did you color your hair because of me?" Jade smirked.

"No, I just feel like it. I wanted a change..."

"Oh, just admit that you adore me."

"Getting cheeky now, are we?"

"Just admit it, Pez." She cooed, with her puppy-dog eyes.

"That I do!" I surrendered.

"You're really a cutie Jadey!"

She giggled with her cute accent.

"Okay, just say bye to the girls for me." I hugged her again.

Well we have a flight to catch.


Perrie's POV

We are now here at the restaurant part of the hotel, waiting for Dylan's brother. The waiter gave us the menu; I scanned it and ordered a salad.

I never really liked eating; I always watch what I eat to control my figure.

When everybody dictated their order to the waiter, they all went back to their conversation. While I went back to thinking of what Cheryl is going to do.

"Sorry I'm late." A manly voice stated.

I looked up to see a lad with piercing blue eyes and brown hair just like Dylan's, but he's hair is just styled differently and he's a bit smaller than Dylan.

Dylan, Maureen, and Roger greeted him.

And then Dylan introduced me to him.

"Charlie, this is Perrie my girlfriend. Perrie, this is Charlie my brother."

He looked at me and his eyes got wide, like he's seen a ghost.

"Perrie, Perrie Edwards?" He asked.

"Yes, why?"

"Nothing." He answered. Weird.

We went to seat, and then he mouthed a 'we're-talking-later' look. And I was just left there confused.


Dun, dun, dun....

I'm back! Did you have a happy New Year guys?!

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