Chapter Thirty-Two

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It was about 12 o'clock and Jaime hesitated asking the first question. He didn't look at me but at his floor. I analyzed him: his shoulders were hunched over, his neck seemed stiff and he wasn't glowing his usual glow of happiness.

I looked away from him waiting for his first answer, trying to avoid his gaze.

I heard him sigh and out of the corner of my eye he took a sip of tea. He hesitated as he began his first question, "do you know his name..?"

I nodded. I did acctually I went to pre school with him when I was four but o wasn't going to let him know. I felt like if he did, he'd be angrier.

I looked down at my lap and fidgeted with my wrist watch.

"What is it?"

I sighed, hesitating, "Isaac.. Isaac Jamesworth.."

I looked up from my lap to see Jaime running his hands throught his hair. His anguish made me uncomfterble.

I could hear Jaime's breathing becoming deeper as he seemed to prepare himself to the next question, "has he ever gotten to acctually..," i could hear him gulp, " rape you...?"

I frowned and shook my head, ""

A sigh of relief escaped his lips, "okay, so.. He's just touched you inappropriately..?"

I nodded. I didn't feel like talking anymore. I felt like this conversation was going nowhere, downhill and fast.

"Okay, I won't ask too many questions.." He said looking up at me, almost reading my mind. I couldn't look back at him. I was scared for my future now that I realized what could've happened. This sadness could come back, this anguish and feeling of failure could as well.

"Does he stalk you..?"

I nodded, "not the past month, but today yes.."

Jaime nodded as well, "maybe you should stay with me for a while.. You'll be safe here. We can go get your stuff today or tomorrow, it's up to you.. " he looked up at me and half smiled. He was such a strong man for putting up with my past and present.

"I'd love to.. I mean, if you don't mind," I sighed, "I just.. I want to get through this by myself since it's my problem, plus I don't want to leave my house unattended, especially with Vlad all by himself.." I looked at my hands again as I fidgeted with my pink nail polish. I began to pick it off. That was my nervous habit.

Jaime began to smile a bit as he outstretched his arms, "come here, baby,"

I looked at him as his glow began to come back and his smile full of sincere caring shimmered and shone through his emotion. I crawled my way on my hands and knees to him on his sofa and settled myself on his lap, resting my head on his chest.

I felt him kiss the top my head then rest his cheek on it, "i'm not gonna let you be alone anymore. I know you want to be independent and all but you have me. You didn't go by yourself to visit your parents? You didn't go alone to work or to your house after school? What makes you think I'm gonna let you be alone over this? No! You're crazy!" He said hugging me tightly. I let out a small giggle as he continued, "plus if you want we can check up on your house as many times as you want, and Vlad can live safely with us, here,"

I looked up at him and half smiled, still a little upset, "really..?"

He nodded, "I acctually asked Hope and Vic to take care of of you if you didn't agree to stay,"

His eyes shimmered with proud happiness as he kissed my forehead, "so do you want to go grab some stuff tonight or do you want to do that tomorrow?"

I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder again, "tomorrow, although if we could, can we go get Vlad..? I don't want to leave him alone..."

Jaime nodded and took out his phone from the hand rest of the sofa, "I'll text Vic to get him,"

I sat up again, feeling like I was taking advantage of my friends, "no, it's okay! They don't have to-" I began to mumble in audible words.

Jaime smiled at me as I heard a beep, "they're coming, they were acctually checking up on your house right now,"

"Alright," I said in defeat. I looked up at him as he smiled down at me. My heart fluttered a bit and so did my eyelashes. I began to blush which allowed me hide my face from him as I shielded my face with my hands. I heard him chuckle as I peeked from a small crack in between my fingers. He smiled at me and tickles my sides to make me giggle. Slowly I gave in biting my lip to hold back the cackle that was erupting from my throat. He laughed along with me as I tried to fight back. Finally he stopped and spazed his arms out to hug me, "you know it's a lot better when you're smiling," he said showing me his perfect teeth in a perfect grin. His dimples slowly forming in the pockets of his cheeks.

I realized then that staying with Jaime wouldn't be as bad as I thought. As we snuggled in, turning our attention to the tv that now showed Dexter's Lab with the volume barely audible, I day dreamed about how the next couple of days would go; we'd wake up and cook breakfast together, then snuggle and be lovy dovy for who knows how long, until one of us would get a good idea of what to do before the boys would go to record for the day. I replayed it in my mind a few times until Jaime's soft purrs of sleep began to tickle the back of my neck sending sexual tention down my body. God I loved all his little cute details.

Slowly and without waking him up, since he was a heavy sleeper, I decided to let him Rest.

I unwove myself from his arms and slid off the couch so I could grab him his snuggle blanket from the futon across from us. I began removing the arm that was around my waist and set it on his side, then proceeded to lift up his hand that rested on my lower thigh and place it on his stomach. I then scooted to the left and stood up to grab the blanket.

It was dark blue and bit heavy but really soft almost like those blankets that all hispanic families have for the winter. I balled it up and tucked it under my right arm and walked next to the purring bassist. I layed the blanket onto his body and tucked him in, a small little smile creasing his lips in his sleep. He began to rustle under the blanket until he found a comfy position, his spikey hair being the only thing visible since he pulled the blanket upto his forehead. He then smacked his lips quietly, breathed in slowly and exhaled with a small grin.

I smiled at his peaceful state and sat next to him resting my hand on his ankle, "sweet dreams," I whispered.

I then looked at the tv fixing my suddenly tired eyes on the short red headed boy in a lab coat, "Didi! What are you doing on my Laboratory?!" I giggled and shut my eyes. I decided to wait until Vic and Hope came, then I'd sleep without anything haunting my dreams. I was in Jaime's house, and the fact that it was his, even though he was currently sleeping like a child, I felt like nothing could hurt me.

Finally, peace.


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