Chapter 1

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Ezra hid behind a crate, pulling back an electricity ball on his wrist, waiting until he knew there was someone to shoot at. Well, a squadron of stormtroopers was shooting madly at him. All of this for a couple credits? He jumped up and shot, knocking a blaster out of one of their hands. He sighed angrily, knowing he was outnumbered and outgunned. He pulled out his comlink, pressing the button and talking into it.
"Specter 6 to Ghost, do you copy?" Only static. He groaned and clipped the comlink back onto his belt, shooting a few more electro-balls into nowhere. He sprinted in a crouch to the other side of the battlefield, tumbling behind some crates. The troopers were closing in, the blaster fire beginning to dent the crates. He pulled out his comlink again, screaming into it.
"SPECTER SIX TO GHOST I NEED BACKUP RIGHT NOW." A blaster shot through the crate beside his shoulder, making him recoil. He ran, praying that he wouldn't get shot.
"Ghost to Specter Six," Hera said over the comlink. "On my way."
"Finally!" Ezra yelled, then grunting as he tripped and fell, forcing himself to his feet. He kept running and running and running. The ship was a few feet away, hovering with hatch open. Suddenly, blinding pain shot through his back and across his body, making him fall over and slam into the ground. The world became black, fading quickly. The last thing he saw was a stormtrooper standing over him.
Hey guys! New story for ya.
Yes, this is one of my favorite TV shows. What can I say? Once a Star Wars fan, always a Star Wars fan.
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