|Gojo x student reader|

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Teacher-student relationship ahead! (The character is aged up so don't worry.) Hope you like it.

Gojo always acted kinda weird around you. Even though you were a third year student at Jujutsu High, you hang around the first years a lot, which made you a clear target for Gojo's spicy comments, always intended for you, and no one else.

He would joke about how he would disable his infinity if you asked him nicely, always tossing his long arms around your shoulders, sometimes pulling you close to himself.
(Those times you felt a heat rise inside you, your stomach feeling all thingly.)
It was questionable behaviour for sure, and Nobara would always question it.

"How would you let that creep sensei do those things to you and be okay with it? Huh?"  she would always furrow her brows when she asked you this.

"I think he's just joking, so it's alright I guess." you shrugged your shoulders, not giving much thought into it.

It was until your 18th birthday when these little actions made sense, when you realised it was definetly something else then just humorous comments.

The day started quite simply, you liked when it was your birthday, you always got gifts, but nothing more than that.
You attended your classes, it seemed like a normal day, until you met Gojo sensei. You met him at the corridor outside your class, your classes were done for today so your mood was better now.

"Aaaaaah! (Y/n)-chan!!! How is my fave student-not-student doing?" he walked from behind you, slithering his arms around your waist, pulling you close to his core.

He lowered his head to your ears, slightly brushing his lips on your ears. You felt a blush forming on your face, thankful that he didn't see that, because you were sure, that if he did, he would poke you with it always.

"G-gojo sensei, good morning." you stuttered, feeling a little off from his actions. "I'm actually really happy, my classes are over for today, so I'm free all afternoon." you said, turning around to face him.

What made you blush even more, was that he wasn't wearing his usual blindfold, but his round sunglasses that were slightly pushed down on his nose, allowing you to see his gorgeous ocean blue eyes.

"Ahhh, that's good, then I can give you my birthday gift earlier." he said smirking, then softly interweining his large hands with yours. Still flustered, you didn't notice this at all, walking with your hands locked together for a short time, until Gojo took his hands away, shoving it inside his pocket.

"And nooooow! For the suprise part! Close your eyes, and no cheathing, okay? I'll know." he said loudly, the corridors of the empty bulinding ecoing.

"Oh, o-okay." you said shyly, turning your head down almost instantly as you saw your teacher's smile widen by the second.

You felt his long fingers brush your hot cheeks, cautiously, as to not even hurt you by laying a finger on you.
(Quite contradictory you thought, he always would toss his hand on you without second thoughts, but now, he was so tender with you.)
He wrapped his blindfold around your eyes, only allowing you to see the shadows of the objects before you.

"G-gojo sensei, how can you see in this thing?" you asked jokingly, realising you were at the mercy of the man.

Suddenly, you started moving as large hands wrapped around your tiny ones, leading the way. Everything felt like seconds, Gojo's large warm hands were the only sensation you could focus on, every sense becoming blurry.
Gojo stopped suddenly and you bumped into him from behind, making you collide with his rock hard abdomen, making you blush at the sudden sensation. Gojo removed the blindfold from your eyes, light overflowing your vision, only seeing a siluette of the tall man before you.

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