thirty eight

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i finally had my babygirl back in my arms where she belongs. "kitten."my eyes fill up with tears as i rub her back,whispering that to her. "i missed you so,so,so,so,so,SO much."diamond sobs,nuzzling her head in my neck as tears fall freely. "primcess,don't cry. i love you so much,beautiful." diamond sobs even louder as i sigh.

"what the HELL?!"perrie comes running in the living room. "why the hell is he here? i f.ucking told you to not call him!"perrie yells at sophia,providing a tough hit to her jaw, sophia holds her jaw,mouth open as she spits out blood. "let me down,"diamond whispers. i do as told. "STOP IT!"diamond yells.

"stop fighting!"diamond starts breathing faster,holding her chest.
eventually,they listen to her,but not without sophia catching perrie off guard by shoving her,causing her to fall down. "i want to go home."diamond sobs,walking back over to me. "seriously,guys?"i scoff. "diamond was in a house full of violence,and you guys resort to this?" "at least we actually tried to help her get out of it,unlike you who cried over it,and got piss drunk."perrie scoffs. "that's f.ucking it!"i yell,lunging towards perrie.

"harry,STOP!" diamond yells,trying to push me back. "f.ucking b.itch."i mutter.
"let's go home."diamond sniffles,puffy eyes gazing at me sadly. it immediately calms me down. i huff,walking out with diamond by my side. "can-can you c-carry me?"diamond stutters. "anything for my babygirl."i mumble,picking her up bridal style.
despite the situation,diamond manages to smile. "you know,you've lost a lot of weight."i pinpoint. "w-what? do you not like it? oh my g-" "no,shhh. princess,its alright,i understand. you couldn't help it. but,please,just know that i will love you no matter what,kitten. you mean the world to me." i smile,brushing her hair back.

"i-i love you so much."she smiles.
"likewise."diamond giggles as i place her delicate body in the drivers seat of my car. i buckle her in,as if she was a child. i slam the door shut,jogging over to the opposite side.
i get in,starting the engine. "you know,d-h,wait. what do i call you now?" "daddy. or harry. god,i'm such a bad daddy."i answer,adding the last part.

"hey,don't put yourself down. it won't help anything." she mumbles. "daddy,they made me call them master. especially ashton,"she sniffles,looking at me."the whole situation was my fault. i shouldn't have ran away like a coward after you hit me. i would take that over what they done to me,anyday." i hiss,almost silently,as she says that.

"i am so sorry,diamond. i never meant to intentionally hurt you. i guess this love was blinded by hate."i place a hand on her small thigh. "at least i somehow went up a bra size. i ended up getting a bigger butt too."diamond giggles. i am in awe by her ways to attempt to lighten up the situation.

"this is exactly why i chose you to be mine." i smirk,pulling into the drive,then putting the Porsche into park. "i've missed you lips,kitten." i mumble against her mouth ,lips still attached as she climbs over to sit on my lap. "are you comfortable with this?" i ask,pulling apart. "if it's you,no matte what the circumstances,of course i am comfortable,daddy."she leans up to attach our lips,once again.

"does this have to be romantic,or quick?" "it doesn't matter,daddy. f.uck,just kiss me."diamond breathes against my lips.

i was h.orny,no doubt. but i needed to take this slow. and that,that is exactly what we did.

i'll spare the gory details,they're ours to keep. but,in the meantime,my babygirl was back,and that was all that will ever matter.

THE END (for true this time lol)

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