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My alarm goes off and I know it is now five a.m. in the morning. I got to brush my teeth and shower. I get changed into some casual clothes and I exit my apartment.

My feet drag me to my car and I drive to see Cole. I decide to return his key to him. I do not know why but I fe the need to see him.

Me and Cole used to be great friends when we were younger. He was my best friend until he left me. He left me without a word. I messaged him but he would leave me on read. He broke my heart. He was the only one who I trusted and he left me.

When I moved to San Francisco, I wasn't planning on seeing him. I didn't even know he was here but he was. I was on my first mission as a qualified assassin when I met him at a bar. He didn't apologise for anything. He just looked at me with anger and hate in his eyes.

I understood he hated me for joining the assassination organisation but I had no other choice. I slowly got closer to Cole, not in a good way though. We met up when we both had missions. My first two years in San Francisco, I barely saw Cole. Maybe once a month. Then I'm my third year these occurrences became more often.

Finally I spoke to him after seeing him for three years. I asked him why he left. He ignored my question though. He rolled his eyes and told me to shut up.

That's when I realised I truly hated...
Cole Blakely.

I finally pulled up to Cole's mansion and I climbed over the very high gate to his house. I got the the front door and knocked.

The door was flung open by Cole.

"What the fuck do you want" Cole says bitterly. I roll my eyes and step into his house.

"I have something of yours" I announce. Cole growls.

"What?" he says angrily. I take the key out of my pocket. He lets out a sigh of relief.

"I thought you'd give it to Jackie" Cole says. I mentally smile at the nickname Cole has given Jackson.

"I was going to... I was supposed to... I didn't" I say bluntly. Cole waits for me to continue but I don't.

"Well why didn't you?" Cole asks me impatiently. I scoff.

"Why would I tell you that?" I retort. He smirks and moves closer to me.

"Because you trust me..." he whispers in my ear. I move away from him.

"You lost all that trust when you left me" I mutter under my breath but Cole hears me. I see him getting angry and I make an attempt to leave.

When Cole is angry he's unforgivable. He hasn't hurt me bad but when he gets angry he can unintentionally bruise, cut or hit me. It's pretty normal for me though. We aren't friends we are enemies.

As I'm about to slip through the door, Cole grips onto my arm and pushes me against the wall. I groan in pain as my back smashes against the hard wall. I feel Cole's breath on my neck.

"Tell me why you are here" he hisses. I nod vigorously, afraid of what he might do to me.

"I- I wanted to see you, m-my boyfriend c-cheated o-on me and I- I left him and the business" I stutter in fear. Cole releases me.

"I don't care" Cole states. I punch the bridge do my nose before responding.

"I know" I mumble. I turn to leave but Cole, yet again grabs me. I try to wriggle out of his grasp but it's too tight.

"You're mine now" he mutters evilly. I shut my eyes tightly. "Don't be afraid. I just can't let you go now that I can use you against Jackie" Cole mutters more to himself than me.

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