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HI. Most of you probably know me from my original rant regarding Wanda Maximoff in the MCU, but I honestly feel like I didn't go into enough detail there, especially now that WandaVision has aired and not only continued to enforce the racism and antisemitism intrinsically tied to the MCU version of Wanda Maximoff, but also added it to it and white-washed even more characters. I'm also going to be discussing Pietro Maximoff in both of his incarnation (XMCU & MCU) and why neither one is justifiable. Whilst I am never going to regret posting the initial discussion, I do feel the need to elaborate.

I also want to give a shout out to everyone that read my previous post. While I did get some questionable comments, there was an overwhelming amount of you that took it to heart and learned from it, which has always been my main goal here. I've seen so many other accounts on this app talk about the issue and I've had people across comments and DMs discussing it with me and there are no words for how much that means to me, 

All sources for this rant will be put in an inline comment here.

With the introduction finally over, let's get into it. Trigger warnings for racism, ableism, antisemitism and incest.

Firstly, let's address the Maximoffs' comic history, as we are speaking about their adaptations. It's going to get rather complicated rather fast, so here's a quick summary of what we're about to get into: the twins were introduced as 'vaguely European, then 'unknown heritage but adopted and raised by Romani', followed by half Ashkenazi Jewish, then Half Ashkenazi/half Romani, then fully Romani, then back to half Ashkenazi/half Romani again and are, in the current continuity, fully Romani. As I mentioned, it's gonna get complicated.

In Wanda and Pietro's first appearance (X-Men #4, 1964), they're from 'the heart of Europe'. Magneto rescues them from an angry mob and they join the Brotherhood. We receive no further information on their heritage here. It's important to note that Central Europe does have a large Romani population, considering the future of these characters.

Our next piece of information comes from Avengers #31 (1966). Their home village is said to be in the Balkans (South-Eastern Europe). Issues later, it's revealed that they were born on Wundagore Mountain, and their home country is stated to be Transia. Transia is a fictional country within Marvel Comics. Transia had a large Romani population, something that we will be discussing later on.

In Giant Size Avengers #1 (1974), Wanda meets the World War II hero, the Whizzer (who has appeared in the Netflix series Jessica Jones, albeit in a very loose adaptation). According to the Whizzer, he and his wife, Miss America, had travelled to Wundagore Mountain for her to give birth. Miss America died giving birth while the Whizzer ran away in grief. Wanda, in this moment, believes that they are her parents. The Whizzer and Miss American are presumably American and the twins' ethnicity could be assumed to be the same. However, it is still not revealed who raised the Maximoffs.

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