Rejection to Perfection

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First story :)) I hope you guys enjoy!!



My name is Veronica St. Cloud. I guess you could say I wasn't considered pretty. With my frizzy brown hair, boring brown eyes, acne attracted face, braces, huge glasses, and my short 5'0, I was categorized as "ugly". Considering my looks, my pack can't get any original insults, so they call me a "whore", "slut", and "prostitute", which makes no sense whatsoever since they also call me "ugly", "fat", and my all time favorite "A waste of space" as my siblings would say.

Now you're thinking, why the hell would your own family be that way? Although I don't consider them my family, I still feel broken inside with every insult, punch, and kick sent my way. All this pain inflicted on me is by none other than my pack, which bothers me since a pack is suppose to be like family, but I'm most disappointed since my parents, Adam and Elisa, my twin brother, Josh, and my older sister, Jessica, joined in the the abuse.

Of all the 18 years of my existence, the reason of their hatred towards me since birth is beyond me. I've grown to accept it even though its not right. We should be treated as equals, right? That's the right thing to do, not force your own family to cater to everyone's wishes and be treated like trash. I guess no one in my "family" got the memo.

All I have to hope for now, is the best and to find my mate. The only one made for you, and the one that is suppose to love you eternally. My mate will save me from this hell and destroy anything that wishes to bring harm upon me.

Or so I thought- no, hoped.


Hey guys! I'll certainly try and upload regularly! I seriously hope all you guys like this story, I'm excited to start writing. Remember to comment and vote! Leave all your opinions, and every thing that I need to add or anything like that!!

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