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Me and my family just moved to Los Angeles

I woke up and got dressed into this

I woke up and got dressed into this

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Your name is Savannah

I went down stairs and saw my parents
M(mom)- hey sweetie excited for your first day of school
S- no
M- oh hunny you'll be fine
S- no i wont I have no friends
M- you'll make new ones

You drive to school

You get to school and go to your locker
2 girls came up to you
?- hey
S- uhh hi
?-im avani this is charli
S- hi I'm savannah
C- are you new here
S- yea I just moved here
A- we will be your tour guide though school got it
C- yea and you cant leave I have decided I like you
S- really
C- yes ofc do you have tiktok
S- no
A- girl get it it's amazing half the kids here are famous on it
S- are you to famous
C- kinda
A- kinda you have 100 million charli
C- you have 30 million so
S- what?
C- yea you should totally get one
S- ok I'll think abt it

We all walk to class and sit down
Suddenly this boy walks in
He had black hair and he was very hot
T(teacher)- quinton you're late
Q- my bad
T- that's ok, students today we have a new student would you pls stand up Savannah
I stood up
T- why dont you tell us a little bit about yourself
S- well my names savannah Smith and I just moved here from Kentucky
T- any hobbies or anything
S- In my old school I did cheer and my friends called me sav
The boy was staring at me and I started to get nervous so I sat down
T- thank you savannah, quinton you may sit down by Savannah
We continued our lesson and finished class
At lunch

I was sitting at my table alone and charli and avani and a girl sat w me
C- hey sav
S- hey
A- sav this is nessa, nessa this is sav
S- hi
N- hi
We sat there getting to know each other
C- wanna have a sleep over guys
A- yes but where
S- um we could do it at my house
C- yes I wanna see ur house
N- charli you sounded creepy when u said that
We all laughed

After school

We all went to my house

We walked in
M- hey sweetie
S- hey mom
M- who are these girls
S- mom this is charli, avani, and nessa
M- hey girls
Them- hey
S- is it ok if they stay the night
M- yes but dont stay up to late
S- ok mom

We went up stairs

We all sat on my bed

C- so savannah any cute boys you've seen
S- um the guy in our first period
A- what's his name
S- quinton I think
C- omg hes so hot, but you know who's hotter
S- who
C- jaden hossler
S- who's that
A- hes someone in our school he does music and tiktok
C- i was very sad i didnt get to see his face today
A- btw hes in our first period too
S- cool
C- you and him would be a cut couple ngl
S- i haven't even met him lol
A- we should watch a movie
S- ok what movie
N- mean girls
S- ok

We all watch a movie eat dinner and fall asleep

This is the intro and kinda the first part tmr imma gonna try to post another chapter!

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