Prussia x Italy

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"Aaaahhhhh no please don't! Prussia!"


"Haha I won"
"No fair you-a cheated"
Prussia and Italy have been dating for over a year and right now they were playing a video game and the bet was if Italy won Prussia couldn't talk about his 5 meters for a whole week and if Prussia won Italy had to do whatever Prussia wanted for a week.

Italy lost......

"Kesesese now I get whatever I want!" Prussia said with a smirk. "What do you-a want" Italy said hanging his head in shame.
"You" Prussia responded and then he pushed Italy to the floor.

Italy look scared but Prussia looked hungry. He started to suck on Italy's neck then started to kiss down his neck to his collar bone and eventually to his chest. "Ah Prussia please" Italy said squirming.

Prussia started to rub Italy's manhood through his jeans. "What did you say?" He asked with a smirk. The poor Italian couldn't even speak anymore. He striped both of them then flipped him over and slammed into Italy. "Aaaahhhhh!" Italy screamed as Prussia started to thrust in and out of him.

"My god Italy. You feel so....... Good. Nngghh"

All Italy could do was pant and moan as Prussia mercilessly penetrated him O_o.....

With a loud grunt Prussia came and exited Italy. They both laid next to each other as they their breathing became normal.

"I love you Prussia "

"I love you to Italy.......... "
Prussia film Italy over to his stomach again. Then whispered in to his ear...

"Ready for round two"

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