Charlie Barber arrives home

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Warnings: sweetness overload

The theatre company was practically running itself now, but it never slowed down for Charlie. People told him that his work ethic was going to be the death of him, but they obviously didn't know about you.

You are such a pain in the ass, but acute pain. It was the little things really. You would send him exposing pictures at work, you NEVER put your shoes in their designated spot next to the door, you couldn't for the life of you fold the clothes, but his love for you never faltered. In fact, those flaws that would maybe be frowned upon by a partner, we're just fuel to his desire for you.

Pulling the keys out of his pocket and sliding them into the lock of the apartment door, he feels himself get excited to see you. He looked forward to this moment every day after he left work.

He entered the cold walkway silently, shucking off his shoes on the rug and placing his coat on the coat rack. His bag found its way to the small table made for two in the kitchenette. It was warm and cozy, it always was when he came home.

He furrowed his eyebrows when he heard no noise come from any where in the apartment. Where you even there?

He shouts out for you, but when he got no response, he seeks you out. Checking the bathroom and bedroom before your office. Nothing.

Just as he reached for his phone that sat in his back pocket, there you were. Lying on the couch with a soft throw pillow under your head, your hair splayed across it like a cascading fall of water. You lips were parted slightly and your hands were curled under your chin and the pillow. You were adorable.

He just chuckles to himself as he moves to go back to the bedroom, careful not to wake you. He slowly shut the door and fiddled through his drawers, chant into some sweatpants with no shirt. Just before leaving he pulled the blankets back on the bed, preparing to get in them.

When he was done he carefully opened the door, walking back to the living room to find you still sleeping on the plush couch.

After tapping on his chin, in thought about how to do this, he made up his mind. He tip-toed over to you crouching down to your level. He gently brushed a few strains of hair out of your face before wiggling his thick arm under your knees and behind your neck. Making sure that you were secure in his arms, he stands up, taking you with him.

You gently stir but stay unconscious as he stands still, the dangling blanket brushing against his clothed knees. You curled further into his embrace, your hand expanding to rest on his sternum. The darkness of the room never seemed to dull your features, as they were so beautiful, standing out on their own.

Once he felt your body melt into him completely, he made his way back to the bedroom for the third time that evening. He placed you down, in between the thick sheets and comforter. The movement of the maneuver enough to pull you out of your unconscious state.

He was getting under the sheets when you opened your eyes to see him in all of his glory. The soft blanket you had wrapped around your body on the couch, still tucking you into yourself. He turned towards you, seeing your eyes open he smiles his signature smile at you. He put his warm hand on your cheek and you leaned into his touch.

"Hi." His low voice was enough to turn you on.

You hum in response to his greeting as you extend a hand out from under the pile of blankets and to his shoulder, pulling him down to cuddle you.

He giggles as he tucks his soft raven curls into your neck. His arms weaving between you and the blankets, pulling you impossibly close to him.

"I love you." He states, the vibrations from his mouth travel to your neck and down to your core.
You twist your digits into his soft locks, pressing his head further into your neck.

"I love you too."

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