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So I messed up with Chunin Exams part one so here's what happened.

Naruto came into the room and felt a lot of blood lust but he countered. Kabuto then came and offered Naruto information with his cards because he  was a "rookie" but little did he know that Naruto has fought a ton of marines. Anyway Naruto saw through it and found the true meaning and declined and sat down in a seat. Then after a few minutes of waiting Duck Butt (Sasuke), Pink Banshee (Sakura), and Spoiled Brat (Misha) came in and all of them immediately recognized him. Misha asked her teammates how they knew him and explained the situation that happened. Then she immediately she demanded him to give her his powers with he calmly said no. She then kept on demanding him to give her his powers and saying, "I aM ThE ChIlD oF PrOpHeCy" and " ThE FoUrTh HoKaGe iS mY FaThEr" stuff which he didn't give a frick to. Finally she gave up tho and then Kabuto offered them the information cards which they agreed to and Sasuke asked to see the information of Garra of the dessert and Levi (Naruto). Kabuto then showed Garra but when he showed the information cards for Levi only his face showed up but the information was hidden. He was stunned but Levi just smirked.


Naruto knew Kabuto's plan already so he asked Kurama if it was ok to use a bit of his chakra to block the information on his card which Kurama agreed to. So Naruto sent that bit of chakra to the card right as he took his seat.

Flashback over

Then Ibiki came through the door then ya know the rest.


Hopefully you understand what happened in the Chunin Exams part 1 now. I only did a short summary. Anyway I hope you enjoyed and have a good day !

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