Chapter 10.

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Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end


A few hours into the ride Louis tried to contact his mom knowing she would be freaking out but she wasn't answering. "Hey mom, it's me again. You must've let your phone die or something. I'm not in Forks but everything is ok, and I'll explain it later".

Louis shut his phone off and stared out of the window. He couldn't stop thinking of Harry and if he was alright. Louis felt his eyes fill up with tears and quickly wiped them away.

He saw Niall and Zayn holding hands and looked away. He decided to close his eyes and nap until they arrived where they needed to.


Louis was shaken awake and opened his eyes to see Niall's pretty blue ones staring at him. "Come on, we're at the hotel", he said gently. Louis rubbed his eyes and got out.

The hotel was nice, and there some families mulling about when they walked in. They walked up to the front desk and got their keys after giving their names. 


It was later in the day and they were all sitting around when all of a sudden Niall gasped. Louis turned to see him with a faraway look on his face. "What is it? What do you see?", Louis heard Zayn ask Niall. 

Niall looked worried, "the tracker, he changed course. I see a room full of mirrors". Zayn quickly grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper for Niall, who took it and started drawing.

Louis instantly recognized what he was drawing. "The tracker is going to the ballet studio?", he asked confused, why would he go there?

Zayn and Niall focused their attention on Louis, "you've been here?", Niall asked him. Louis nodded. "I took lessons as a kid, the school I went to looked just like that", he told them.

Zayn looked curious, "was your school here in Phoenix?", he asked Louis. 

Louis said yeah, and cut himself off when he saw Harry calling. He answered as fast as he could. "Harry, are you okay?", he asked before anything else. 

Harry sighed, "we lost the tracker. The woman is still in the area, Gemma and Anne are going back to Forks to protect your father. I'm coming to get you, and then you and I are gonna go somewhere. Alone. The others will keep hunting, I will do whatever it takes to make you safe again", Harry told him. 


Zayn and Niall were downstairs telling them they were leaving while Louis packed. He grabbed his phone out of his back pocket and saw it was his mom. 

"Hey mom, I'm glad you got my message-", he started to say but was cut off by his mother's panicking voice. "Louis! Louis! where are you?", he heard her question. 

"Call down, everything is fine", he said but was cut off again. "Louis? Louis?", she said panicking. Louis sighed, "I'll explain everything later. I-", he went to continue but heard a bang on the other side,

"Mom, are you there?". he asked worryingly. "Forks high school doesn't protect its student's privacy very well. It was just too easy to find where your mom was staying. It's a beautiful mom you have here", he heard. 

He gasped when he recognized the voice. "Don't touch her", he said quickly. He couldn't live with himself if something happened to her. James laughed in a mocking tone, "you can still save her, but you're gonna have to get away from your friends", he told Louis.

Louis knew it was dumb, but he would go to the ends of the earth for his mom. "Where should I meet you?", he questioned James wanting to get it over with. 

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