Chapter 19)

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Fun fact:

Sex burns 360 calories per hour!


𝗟𝗲𝗼'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩~

Leo loves me.


I walk into the room at of the hallway where one of the men who tried to take Elena away is being held.

Stupid fucker thinking he can take away what's mine, and give her back to her father.

It's pathetic and sad that he thinks he can overpower me.

I open the door and close it with a slam, the door bounces back on impact. I can't be bothered to fully shut it again, everyone knows not to go into this room.

It's one of my rules.

"¿PARA QUIÉN TRABAJAS?, wait forget that, I already know who you work for" I walk up to him, with every step he flinches. (who do you work for?)


My fist collides with his face, making his head turn to the side from impact as blood spots out of his mouth and onto the floor.

He whimpers from the punch.

If my punch hurts imagine the amount of pain he's going to be in when I beat him to death. My the corner of my lip curves up at the thought.

"Ahora, me vas a decir exactamente por qué Fernando quiere a Elena de vuelta."  I don't know why I'm speaking in Spanish, he understands English. (Now, you are going to tell me exactly why Fernando wants Elena back.)

He doesn't answer, his watery eyes move down to the floor. I scoff at his weakness, who would recruit a pussy like him.

Walking over to the table in the back of the room, I pick up a knife from the many layer out. I bring the knife to his face and drag it down. It creates a gaping wound on his cheek with blood seeping out. He wails out in pain.

I begin to circle him pointing the bloody knife at his face. "¿donde esta tu jefe? Dime o un juramento que te corten la lengua, cabrón. ¿No pensaste que no me enteraría del plan de Fernando?" My voice laced with venom causing him to flinch, again. (where is your boss? Tell me or an oath to cut out your tongue, you bastard. Didn't you think that I wouldn't find out about Fernando's plan?)

"TELL ME" I shout trying to restrain myself from killing him there and then.

"I-I all he wants I-is Elena back. H-he wants to sell her again f-for more money" The man who's name I can't remember whimpers.

Such a fucking pussy.

I exhale loudly trying to calm myself. I need to let this anger out, I can't take it out on Elena she doesn't deserve it.

"Es curioso cómo piensa que la va a recuperar. la compré, lo que significa que es mía. SHE. IS. MINE. (Funny how he thinks he's going to get it back. I bought her, which means it's mine.)

"Not her fathers, not any man but me. She's mine. Sólo mío" I bring the bloody knife to his neck, slitting his throat. A smirk plants itself on my face at my work. His blood starts to pool out his neck and splatter onto my face. (Only mine)

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