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Anti-bullying Skit #2

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Anti-bullying skit


Lora: the smart victim (f)

Maddy: Lora’s big sister (f)

Teacher: head teacher (m/f)

Bullies: 1-3 (f/m)

Bystander: the helpful one (f/m)

Narrator (f/m) or Maddy (f)

8 actors, min 6 The object of the play is too spread the message that bystanders can help.


Maddy: hello Lora (is seated)

L: hi Maddy, what are you up too? (Sits down)

M: nothing much just waiting for my friends to come.

L: my classmate just damaged my assignment last period!!

M: did the teacher help?

L: yes he did, but it got damaged I can’t hand this in.

M: well what are you going to do?

L: (highly sarcastically) I'm used to people damaging and stealing my assignments people are just so jealous of MY marks that think it is quite expectable to do such a thing! I guess I'll have to pay and print out another colour 12 page document at school, much more expensive than at home either that or I get an (N warning/F [depending on school]).

M: no Lora! Don't do that! Let's see the head teacher and get some help.

L: I feel like a deflating balloon, creating a funny noise for everyone to laugh at whilst I float further and further away from what I'm truly worth. Let’s go. (A deflating balloon is let out to the audience to grab attention)


Teacher1: yes Lora, what do you want?

Lora: sir/ miss, I'd like to give you a Digital copy of my assignment; my classmate damaged it last period.

T1: yeah, sure, can I please have your thumb drive?

L: (hands USB over) thank you miss/ sir. 



Lora: so? I love my sister very much so please leave her alone!

B: it's not her we are after missy nerdy moo. (Placing one finger on Lora’s shoulder)

L: don't call me that, get your finger off me! I'm not nerdy, just you’re dumb...

Bystander: girls please stop the arguing. Can't you see that it's not getting any of you anywhere? I got the teacher and she/he is coming.

Teacher2: girls/boys please break it up, right now you’re coming with me to the DP to discuss this issue.

NARRATOR: now that the teacher has come the fighting has been resolved for the moment, however, they will be in different classes from now on.

Can you, audience members be good bystanders by alerting an adult or teacher to come for help, it can prevent the fight from getting any more aggressive AND the bullied person can feel the comfort that someone IS kind enough to help.

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