Dirty! Loosing virginity

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Long dirty Austin imagine!

You were fixing to go to your boyfriend Austin's house. He had been Performing concerts for the last 3 weeks so you haven't got to see him.

You put on your white miss me jeans and a black strapless blouse with ruffles on it. To top it all off you put on cherry red heels.

You arrive at his house and ring the doorbell. You quickly fix your hair before the door opens. When it does you are greeted by Austin.

When he sees you he wraps his arms around your waste, lifts you up, and spins you around.

"Ive missed you so much!" He says and kisses you passionately. You kiss him back.

"I missed you too Austin!"

He puts you down and grabs you hand, intertwining fingers. He pulls you inside.

"Guess what?" He says.


He leans in and presses his lips against your ear.

"My mom isn't home and wont be for 3 hours!" He whispers seductively.

You feel yourself get wet. You are a virgin and so is he. He has always wanted to have sex but you have always told him no not now. But now you think your ready.

He begins to suck on your sweet spot lightly. You moan.

He takes off your clothes and you do the same to him. Soon enough, you are both naked. He starts staring at you and you use your hands to cover up.

"Babe, your beautiful! Don't cover it up!" He says.

He grabs your breasts and begins sucking on the right one while massaging the left.

Then he puts his hands on your thighs and opens them up slightly. He smirks at how wet you are. He begins pumping 3 of his long fingers in and out of you. It feels so good. Before you can cum he pulls them out. Then he licks his fingers which just turns you on even more.

He positions his dick at your entrance.

"Babe, are you sure you want to do this? I can wait if you want?" He says sweetly.

You shake your head.

"Im ready Austin!"

And with that, he slowly enters you. His dick is huge. It hurts a lot but as soon as he's fully in you, you feel nothing but pleasure. You moan which tells him to begin.

He starts thrusting in and out of you really slowly.

"Mmmm baby faster!"

He obeys and begins thrusting as fast as he can. Soon you arch your back in pleasure and you hit your climax just as he does. You cum all over him as he shoots his cum into you.

He pulls out and lays next to you.

"Theres something I've been wanting to tell you." He says.

"Yeah?" You say, panting.

"I love you!" He says and smiles cheekily.

You tear up. He has never said this before.

"Austin! I love you too!"

You lay your head on his chest and fall asleep.

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