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[ b l e s s m y n i k e s ]

♥ talisa ♥

WHY THE HECK did Google find it hilarious to bail on me when I needed it the most? I rolled my eyes biting the inside of my cheek, tapping my phone so that it would go onto the next page of results.

You knew things were bad if you were on the second page of Google.

"Whose idea was it to put cream carpets in living rooms?" I muttered, dumping two teaspoons of Vanish Instant that I'd found in the kitchen cupboard onto the floor. The ugly pink bottled stain remover bubbled slightly as I cursed under my breath and bent over to rub at it, my long legs tucked underneath me.

I wasn't sure if I was getting rid of the red wine stain or making it worse.

"Bloody hell, I'm not build for this shit," I cursed, angrily moving my hair out of my face.

"Gabriel needs to tidy this place up," I continued to myself, my eyes darting around his apartment. "Like who leaves half-filled bottles of red out in the corner of the room? What a waste."

Okay fine, the bottles had been neatly organised by him and I had been the one to accidentally kick it over.

But still.

Losing my patience, I left the detergent to do its job and rushed into Gabriel's bedroom. As usual, it was dark with the blinds pulled shut and bare. I appreciate it though because it meant that it only took three minutes to find the brown parcel. He'd put it under his bed beside a female gold necklace that had little diamonds across it.

My hand hovered over it for a second. It seemed familiar yet distant. Like something I'd seen before but not in a long time. Shaking my head, I grabbed the package that Yohan had given him and took out the pills that were inside them.

Quickly, I switched them for the ones in my pocket before carefully wrapping the brown paper up again.

Adrenaline rushed through me at the sound of a car pulling up outside. My seafoam eyes glanced out the window and caught sight of a sleek black sports car and an athletic, tall brunet coolly getting out of it.

Swearing loudly, I hurried to put it back in its place before running back to the red wine spillage.

Bless my Nikes. Imagine creeping around in stilettos. I'd rather impale myself on one.

Most of the red had gone so I gave it a quick wipe before covering it with a black T-shirt that had been left on the floor. "Hurry up Tal, hurry up Tal, hurry up Tal," I murmured repetitively, rushing to the front door and slamming it behind me.

Taking a deep exhale, I praised the stars that Gabriel lived on the top floor of the flat.

A mere second later, he walked up the steps, pausing in surprise when he saw me standing outside his apartments red door. "...and what are you doing here?"

His hair was wind tousled and cheeks carved out with a chisel. "I-I thought I'd surprise you."

The excuse sounded lamer than I imagined in my mind. His dark brown eyes ran through me suspiciously in a one over. For some reason, I felt self-conscious under his gaze and was glad that I'd opted to wear an oversized sweatshirt and tracksuit set.

How lucky. Otherwise, he'd have seen how physically you're nothing compared to her. You're just wasting away into a shell of a skeleton, just like they all say. And nobody likes bones.

"How'd you get through the main entrance to the flat?"

I smirked as a distraction to try and buy myself some time to think of a bloody answer. Yeah, I highly doubted that 'I have a copy of your house keys' would go down well.

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