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Dream did end up burning that shirt. It was dark out and the flickering light basked the grass in an orange glow.

It was an old football jersey from his 8th grade year, useless to him, an attachment that led nowhere.

An attachment sort of like the one he had to George, it ran around in a circle, never quite catching up to him.

While the fire burned away he laid next to George, the stars twinkling above them, as they argued over which constellation was which.

"That's literally the big dipper right there Dream, are you stupid?"

"That's the small one, the big one is over there. And I think you should listen to me considering I'm the one graduating a semester early."

"Oh shut up I'm graduating a semester early too."

George shoved Dream, causing Dream to retaliate with a vicious  attack that brought George to his other side.

"Oh you want a kiss now do you?" George smirked.

Dream rolled his eyes and pushed George back onto his back.

"Yeah right. There look at that star, that's the north star."

"Why do you know so much about the stars?" George questioned.

"I dunno, that's pretty much all I know about stars though."

George frowned pitifully. "You don't know more about me? The most important star?"

"Oh come on, of course I know about you. I even know the way your mouth tastes."

George let out an audible gasp and shoved Dream away.

"Oh come on." Dream pouted. "Our agreement was a month, and it's been a month."

George huffed but wrapped his arms Around Dream's body nonetheless, laying his head on his chest.

Dream brushed his fingers through George's hair as the fire slowly started to die out.

His other hand fumbled at flowering daises, breaking one at the base and spinning it between two fingers, before gently placing it in George's hair.

George half heartedly slapped Dream's hand away, eliciting a small chuckle from the taller man.

Four more months. That's what they agreed on. Once senior year started.

But still, just like the dying fire, the incentive to get to the four month mark was fading.

The here and now seemed perfect, no responsibilities to the other, and no risks like the ones before.

It seemed both were content right where they were, the feelings of the past not dragging them down.

The fire flickered one last time before leaving a now softly sleeping George and Dream in a faint white light of the sky.

Four months approached quickly. Dream stood in front of the coach's office door. He'd either enter and decide to stay with the team or quit.

His leg was perfectly healed, the doctor was even surprised, and his breathing had long since been resolved.

There was nothing stopping Dream from continuing to play, except for the fact that George was going to be on the outlines of the field.

In that god awful cheer outfit that resurfaced things Dream had spent the entire four months avoiding.

Dream sighed before pushing open the door.

He stayed with the team.

Two more months passed, and George didn't bring up the agreement. Dream's team had won almost every game in the season, with the added support from George on the sidelines.

The day Dream was finally going to confront his feelings and George, George came to him first.

George, who had earlier in the summer expressed his desire to be picked for an exchange program, had his wish granted.

He was going to be able to attend a college in England for the second semester.

George wouldn't be in America for prom, exams, anything.

Dream somberly nodded and pushed his feelings aside to make the month they had left together was worthwhile.

The night before George was set to leave, Dream showed up at his apartment door and confessed everything.

Neither slept the rest of that night.

Dream only gave George a quick farewell text that morning.

Scraping through exam week, Dream made it to graduation with the lack of George. Of course they talked over discord, their sleeping schedules even linked during spring break, but it wasn't the same.

The weekend of graduation week George finally returned home.

Dream met him at the airport this time.

He climbed out of the car, peering over the many heads searching for George's.

Finally spotting the brunette, Dream called out for him and his head snapped up, meeting Dream's eyes.

He quickly bounded over, suitcase trailing behind.

"Dream!" He called, wrapping Dream tightly into a hug.

Dream smiled, until George stood up on his tiptoes and gave Dream a quick, light kiss.

Flustered, Dream stumbled back, muttering something to himself.

The four month agreement was finally sealed 6 months later.

George moved in with Dream a week after graduation. It was a trial period.

It was the soon now.


Gonna try and keep this short but thank you all so much for the support, I did not expect this to blow up that much. I'm working on another book (that's not a college au) so uh if you want to keep a lookout.

Hope you enjoyed.

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