The Kissing Booth: Noah's Story

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Hi everybody – SO, something very special to share with you guys today, which you've only been asking me to do for years...

This April (2021) marks TEN YEARS since I began writing The Kissing Booth and uploading it to Wattpad! And so much has happened in that time. It's now become a five-book series (The Kissing Booth / The Beach House / TKB2: Going the Distance / TKB: Road Trip! / and TKB3: One Last Time, coming this summer) with translations worldwide, and a three-part series of Netflix Original Movies!

Honestly, when I began this story, I never could've imagined any of this. I wrote it for fun and thought I'd share it on Wattpad because, why not? You guys used to comment what a great movie it would make and I'd think lol, yeah right... But hey, what did I know!

To celebrate ten years of The Kissing Booth I'm doing a bunch of special content like reacting to the book on YouTube (you can find me there at Beth Reekles), some Live Q&As on Instagram (@authorbethreekles) and a giveaway on there too! And, of course, I had to do something special for Wattpad since this is where it all started...

So, without further ado, here's "Noah's Story", a one-shot of Noah's version of events at the infamous kissing booth... Enjoy!


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If there was one thing I admired about my little brother and his best friend, it was that they could make the impossible possible.

I mean, I admired it, but it also terrified me, and pretty much everyone else I knew.

They were always coming up with ideas that my mom would call 'zany'. Costume parties, game night tournaments...

Kissing booths.

Seriously, they couldn't just do the normal thing where you hooked a duck to win a prize, or shot darts at water balloons. They had to go big, go bold, be different. A kissing booth. I didn't know how they'd ever got that one approved by the student council but, hey, I shouldn't have been surprised. Lee and Elle always had a way of sweeping everyone else up in their schemes and I guessed this wasn't any different.

Their enthusiasm was infectious.

Unless, like me, you'd had a lifetime to get used to it.

Lee could be pretty exhausting, sometimes; or maybe that was just because I lived with him, so I got it twenty-four/seven. At least Elle always had one foot on the ground. You know, most of the time.

I smirked to myself, remembering a couple of weeks back when I had to carry her off a pool table before she committed to the really bad idea of skinny dipping. She definitely hadn't had two feet on the ground then.

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