Chapter 1 An Unfortunate Occurance

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1 Lauren POV

I was jogging down the street, stopping at the crazy intersections. The stop lights were flashing along with the beat of the car horns. I can over-hear the blaring of them over my iPod touch music. Ironically, the song that was playing was singing, 

"I was walkin' down the street, and out of the corner of my eye... There ain't no rest for the wicked until we close our eyes for good... Hm uh huumm hum." I started humming along.

I stopped abruptly at a bigger intersection and pushed the button on the stoplight. Red hand... Red hand... Go! I started to cross the street and made it about half-way across the busy street, when a fight broke out.

It was five to one and multiple bystanders were calling 911. The taxi's horns were constantly going off. The guy who was fighting alone, amazingly enough, was beating the crap out of the five guys who attacked him. Wait, I take it back, three to one. Two of the dudes who jumped him backed off and ran, their faces bruised black and blue. Huh, I thought he only punched them like once each, they look like THEY got jumped and beat up.  

The sign switched to a red hand again, while I was still stuck in the street, and cue more horn blaring. I took a long detour around the fight. A car zoomed by, and I jumped. I had half a mind to flip him off. Another car zoomed by, these guys were seriously wearing my patience. More cars, three inches from my feet.

I stormed over to the fight, because they were the reason I was stuck in the middle of the street. I yanked one guy by the collar and tripped him, kicking out his knee. He hit the ground hard. I think I knocked him unconscious. I took the unconscious guy and shoved him into the other man's arms. He took one look at me and ran, dragging the unconscious guy behind him. This is what they get for interrupting my morning run! I turned, looking for the other two, they were wrestling in the park. The dog park. Haha! Thats where they should be, for fighting like a bunch of animals. The dude who was jumped was winning, but I wondered how he held them all back. 

I jumped the curb, and skipped down the block. I sighed, thinking that my run had been cut short. I passed a university and started to walk slowly.

I saw the "crowd" approaching. The "crowd" has some serious issues with their personalities. They think that they are better then everyone at the university. No one agreed with them. Madison was the ring leader; she held herself like she was a queen, and some idjits (idiots) believed her and followed her. I called them her "evil minions." They walked by me, not saying excuse me when they purposely (I think) bumped into me. I just sighed and stood my ground, getting inferior looks from the minions. I was in almost every class with the ring leader, Madison, and she didn't even bother to say hi.  

"Hi," I said in a low monotone, knowing she wouldn't reply. She didn't flinch and just kept walking. 'Whatever,' I thought, 'Who really cares?' I walked into a big, square, church-like building that was filled with classrooms and sauntered down the hall and up the stairs until I reached a door that said, "English #304." 

"Hey, Ms. P," I said as I slid into a seat in the middle of the classroom. 

"Hello, how are you today?" 

"Just PEACHY," I smirked. 

"Why, so AM I." she stated, faking shock. (In case you didn't catch it, the teacher's name is Ms. Peachy.)

"So what cheered you up enough to get to class, early?" 

"Umm... I was up early?" 

"A half an hour early?" she questioned as I dropped my shrugging shoulders and sighed. 

"Why did you see a gang fight?" she asked, laughing until she saw my sober expression. 

"I had to go save the guy that was winning."