--Back at the hotel during Alyssa and Jack's date--
~Danny's POV~

"Okay so let's get this whole thing planned out." I said as soon as I got Henley and Merritt into the meeting room.

"So basically we need those blue prints. I was thinking we get Jack to get them, burn any evidence of what we're doing, and get the hell out of here." I started.

"But what about if he gets caught?" Henley piped in.

"Yeah, he's good, but so is that agent cop dude." Merritt added
"That's why we're going to steal a body that looks like him from the mortuary at the hospital." I told them. I stayed up last night planning this whole thing. Aly isn't the only one who has a creative brain.

"Are you serious Danny?" Henley asked with shock covering her face. "Does Jack know about this?"

"Not yet. I'll run it by him tonight after he gets home." I told her.

"What about Alyssa?" Merritt asked. "Does she know?"

"She....she's on a need to know basis." I said.

"Well shouldn't we tell her?" Henley asked.

"I want to. But we need this to be believable." I said. "People who know us and follow us know that they have a thing. If she knows and they watch, they won't believe her.  If we need her to be believable, she needs to think that he's actually dead."

I took a moment to process their faces. They both looked deep in thought as they took it all in. They knew I was right.

"Look." I said sighing. "I know you guys love her, and you don't want to keep something like this from her. But we need to do it like this. At most she'll only be out of the loop for 1 day, 2 days tops."

"Okay." Merritt said after a minute.

"I'll hate lying to her, but it's for the best." Henley said.

"I got us a van to use for our last show." I told them. "I has everything she'll need in the back to keep track of us. She'll take care of the effects and lighting from there, then she'll jump to the front and get us out of there and where we need to be.

"Sounds good." They both agreed.
"I'll tell her what she needs to know tomorrow." I said before we all separated to our rooms.

I just wanted to let y'all know what was going on during the date.


I'll get a new Jalyssa chapter up soon :)

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