I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 50

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Part 50 - (Recap)

"I guess I just have to not hurt you then."


We spent the night on the sofa, Chris went over a few things and we just kinda talked about everything! Most of it was random though and to tell you the truth, I enjoyed it like this, something told me it was better than making out twenty four seven although that isn't such a bad idea either!

I woke up only to the fact that I felt Chris's fingers twirling my hair around and his other hand was rubbing soothing circles on my back over my top making it slide up a little more.

"Is that how you plan to wake me up every morning?" I asked yawning as I looked up at him placing my hands flat down on his chest and resting my chin on top of them.

"If you like it." I giggled slightly before forcing myself up but only to feel his hands grip my waist and pull me back down on top of him. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I was planning on getting up, having a shower, getting dressed, making something to eat and then going out, but looks like I have to make other plans."

"Looks like you do then. We've got four days before I have to go and I'm planning on making the most of them." He whispered before gently pressing his lips to mine but in a way that I wanted to kill him because he left me hanging wanting more then just a stupid little peck!

"Really? And what would a footballer have in mind to make four days the best before he has to leave and start his job again?" I arched my eyebrows and sat up in between his legs with my hands still flat on his chest but this time his hands were still gripping my waist and his eyes were searching mine.

"Actually to be honest, I have no clue." A frown creased my forehead before I fell back down on him laughing.

"We could just stay like this you know?"

"What on a sofa cuddled up forever?"

"Yep, it would mean you wouldn't have to go and you wouldn't have to come up with anything to do either but just this."

"It's funny you know,"

"What? What's funny?" Ok was he just changing the conversation? That's REALLY annoying!

"I never would have thought, back in Spain that I'd end up dating . . . you." He said and I looked up at him, smiling.

"Neither did I."

"Opposites attract I guess."

"Are we really that opposite?" I asked slightly confused, I mean sure he's a player and I'm a shy girl but we're not really that different . . . are we?

"I dunno, I just liked saying it."



"Well what?" I asked Sandra taking a bite of my pizza as we sat on the floor, Nicky was flipping through all the channels trying to find something worth watching.

"Well have you done it yet?!"

Ok, Chris went out to get ice cream after Nicky bugged him to leave us girls alone and I had invited them over once their classes finished. I mean I do still need friends even if I'm not going to school anymore and plus, we'd arranged that when Chris leaves, Sandra would stay over on Thursday and Friday.

"Not every things about sex Sandra and no we haven't."

"So what do you do then?" She asked confused taking another gulp of coke.

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