New Neighbors?

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Aliyah's POV

After I played at least 20 mins of free throws by myself ( I know loner) I decided I should go and take a shower since a probably smell like a skunk.
Once I was out of the shower I wrapped the towel around my body and went into my room deciding what to wear when suddenly my mom called me telling me to dress nice we are going to the neighbors house for dinner ( great I have to go to my neighbors house for dinner and I don't even know them).

Aliyah's Moms POV
I was deciding what to cook Aliyah for lunch while she was taking a shower when suddenly the doorbell rang so I hurried to open it since we weren't expecting anyone, when I opened the door I was supposed to see 3 boys and 1 girl it was so different since 2 of the boys were blonde 2 of them were brown and the girl was also blonde. The girl told me that her name was Rydel and that her and her family wanted me my husband and Aliyah to dinner so of course I wanted Aliyah to get more friends so I said yes, then I remember and asked her How do you know my daughter? Rydel replied oh sorry we forgot to tell you we saw daughter when she was playing basketball, and by the way wht is her name? I replied her name is Aliyah sorry I thought I forgot to mention something Rydel replied it fine, and oh and my by the ways these are my brothers ( going based on order from the video) this is my little brother Rocky (changing from Ell to Ryland) my little brother Ryland my older brother Riker and my little brother Ross and I'm Rydel their only Sister, I replied ok nice to meet you guys I'm Melinda, Rydel replied well we have to go our mom is probably waiting for us nice to meet you and see you and Aliyah later, Bye Rydel and the boys yelled Bye I replied

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