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George wanted Dream to be messing with him. He couldn't handle the thought of anything else, no matter how much he wanted to.

He picked at his nails as he stared at his phone, buzzing with texts from Dream. He shut it off and stood in the bathroom, staring at his face.

George's hair hung in front of his face, and the dark circles under his eyes only seemed to darken. His mouth was etched in a frown and he looked awful.

He slammed his fist in to the counter.

It wasn't fair. Swirled around his head as George shook and gripped his hair.

Nothing was fair, not what happened in the accident and not how George felt for Dream, and not for that god awful note.

His phone blinked on once again with a text from Sapnap.


Sapnap had watched the two fall in love with each other, and then slowly watch the two descend into where they were now.

The accident seemed to ruin them both in exactly the same way, and it weighed on Sapnap.

He brought over food for the two, and tried to help them the best he could, but there wasn't anything he could do.

When Dream was in the hospital, he couldn't bring himself to go there. Instead he stayed home or practiced football. The team won the game Dream had missed.

A part of Sapnap blamed George, but he knew that wasn't fair to do.

He hadn't reached out to George in a week, deciding rather to leave him alone. The only thing that prompted that text was Dream.

I did something
And I don't know if i regret it
but i think i'm going to do something i regret
and i can't stop myself

The words were jumbled like Dream was in a panic, and Sapnap questioned him but he didn't respond, he was left on delivered and switching over to discord he was met with the same words, and a gray circle around Dreams profile.

It panicked Sapnap, with Dreams slow descent and the lack of context and the disappearance, so he got in a car, sent a warning text to George, and ended up at Dream's house with George trailing a few yards away.

George stared at Sapnap, twirling his fingers together as an attempt to ground himself.

"I- I think he'll still be in here." Sapnap breathed out, twisting the nob on the front door and opening the unlocked door.

The light was switched off, and the house seemed as normal, which didn't stop Sapnap slowly creeping towards Dream's bedroom door, where a light flickered out from underneath the door.

He pushed it open and Dream stood there, a shirt wrapped tightly in a ball in his hands.

"O-oh hey Sapnap. I decided i'd rather burn this." Dream shrugged, faint tears staining his face as he dug his nails into the fabric.

Sapnap gave a small sigh of relief, and stepped back towards the front door to breath and calm himself.

George rushed forward and wrapped his arms around Dream's waist, digging his face into Dream's shirt.

Dream didn't have to guess what was wrong.

"I'm sorry George." He muttered, dropping the shirt into one hand and brushing George's hair.

"I'm sorry too, I never meant for anything to go that far or to get mad at you or crash that car or anything. I know you don't hate me." George stumbled over his words, trying to get everything out before his voice broke.

"Yeah I know, I don't hate you either."

"I know, I know, and I love you too but what if we can't handle it? Ir what if something happens again."

Dream let out a sigh. "Truly a bit of 'right person wrong time' isn't it?"

"But i want to make it not the wrong time." George muttered, staring up at Dream.

Dream gave a silent nod and wrapped him arms around George.

George reached an arm up and around Dream's neck as they swayed back and forth.

A final dance, if you will.

Dream leaned his neck down as George stretched his.

A final kiss connected them. Filled with emotion, and lasting as long as it could before George pulled away.

Not now, but maybe soon.

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