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I woke up seeing it was a little light outside the window. I blinked a few times looking over at the clock on the nightstand. It was about 6:30 in the morning. I always woke up pretty early on my own so I would get up and do stuff I needed to do to get my day started and Mel's before he had to go to work. I carefully got out of bed moving his hand from holding my waist. Mel was a pretty heavy sleeper unless I moved out of his hold throughout the night so I would try to move careful enough that he wouldn't notice in the mornings.

I stood up almost falling from how weak my legs were after last night. I held onto the wall balancing myself before walking to the bathroom. I used the bathroom then went to the kitchen to make Mel's lunch for work. I figured I'd make something simple that he liked so I made orange chicken and rice along with some veggies. I put it in a container placing it in the front pocket of his bag. I looked at the time seeing it was almost seven o'clock. Mel would be waking up soon to get ready because he had to be out the door by at least eight-forty to get to work before nine. Mel didn't really eat a lot for breakfast in the morning so I only made simple things that I knew he'd eat. Today I made him and myself a fried egg, toast, and bacon.

I sat on the sofa eating while watching tv going to go brush my teeth and wash my face afterwards. When I finished it was time for Mel to get up. I walked out the bathroom to our room climbing on top of him on the bed staring down at him. He was so cute when he was sleeping. I giggled placing my hand on his face. "Baby it's time to get up." I said leaning down kissing his cheek a few times. He groaned lightly turning his head with his eyes still closed. "It's past eight o'clock." I said kissing his other cheek. He opened his eyes slightly groaning again. He was not a morning person at all but he worked at a company so of course he had to at least try to be one. "I already made your food too so get up now and go eat." I said climbing off top of him. I walked back out into the living room straightening the area before going to the laundry room to put some clothes in the washing machine.

Once I finished the load I picked up the laundry basket folding the few clothes in it to go put away in our room. It looked like Mel was just about finished getting dressed when I came to put the clothes away. Even though he hated mornings he did have the skill of doing everything he needed to do quickly. "You ready to go?" I asked him seeing him buckle his belt. "Yea." He said. I picked up his bag handing it to him. "Thank you baby." He said taking it before leaning in kissing my forehead. I looked up at him leaning in kissing his lips. "I love you." I said pulling away. "I love you more." He said smiling at me before walking out the door. I smiled to myself happy that I actually got to live a life like this. I loved being with him and how simple but complex both of our lives were. It all made me so happy that some mornings it felt like I was living in some cliche dream.

I finished up the laundry and went to lay on the sofa scrolling through pictures of my old art pieces on my phone hoping some inspiration would hit me. My piece for my exhibit was due to my place of work in about two to three weeks but I still hadn't finished my 100 meter canvas. I felt like it was missing something that I hadn't figured out yet. I had so many things going through my head that I couldn't focus on just one idea. Usually after sex with Mel is when I was most inspired but I was always too tired to get up and add it to my canvas. I would try writing in my notes what I thought but last night I was way too worn out to do it.

I sighed placing my phone on the coffee table deciding that maybe I needed to do something else first. I called up my best friend taking her previous offer inviting me out to go to some new brunch place she wanted to take me to. She told me the scenery was really nice inside because she knew I loved places with nice decor inside. It always ended up giving me at least one good idea. I stood from the sofa going to get ready to go out with my best friend in an hour or two.


After hanging with my best friend for a few hours I came back home. It was almost six o'clock and Mel usually came home around nine if he did overtime but he really got off at seven. I pulled out my canvas before I lost my train of thought. I grabbed my paints and paintbrushes hoping I had the right colors for the color scheme I had in my head. I added to my canvas hoping that it went well with what I already had done. Once I did everything I wanted to do on it I sat it back on my drying rack. I was satisfied with the work I had done. I pulled off my messy clothes going to go shower. I had to make dinner soon so I didn't take too long.

I decided that I would make spaghetti tonight. I usually liked eating with Mel but he was never home at a decent time for us to eat together unless it was his day off. I ate my food before I cleaned up the dishes washing them then putting them away. I went to check on my canvas seeing that it was drying nicely. I heard the door open and close. I looked up peeking my head around the corner seeing Mel walking into our room. I could tell he was tired today without him even having to tell me. Especially since he's coming home so late. It was almost ten o'clock. I put away my art supplies before getting up walking to our room. "Hey baby." He said pulling off his tie as I walked into the room. I smiled wrapping my arms around him greeting him. "It's a little late, what happened at work tonight?" I asked as he kissed my cheek. "Just some extra work that didn't get done yesterday from one of my coworkers being out sick." He said sighing. I leaned in kissing him seeing his annoyed expression change as he smiled at me. "Better?" I asked unwrapping my arms from around him. "Of course." He said chuckling as he walked into the bathroom most likely ready to shower.

I pulled off my tank top putting on one of Mel's shirts from his drawer feeling myself get chilly. I opened the hamper taking out the clothes he just took off going to do laundry again. I always tried keeping myself busy with house chores because I never really liked sitting around for too long when I didn't have work to do or when Mel wasn't around. I'd start to miss him when he was away so I always got everything done during the day to keep me busy from thinking too much. I went back to the room climbing into bed. I turned on the tv as I heard Mel get out of the shower. After awhile he came out the bathroom with his boxers on. He opened his drawer putting on some basketball shorts with a tshirt before walking out the room to the kitchen. He was most likely going to eat and finish some work if he had it. I turned on a show I was watching recently on Netflix knowing it would take him awhile before he came to get into bed.

After I watched almost two episodes, Mel walked back into the room. He sighed climbing into bed next to me. His arms wrapped around me laying his head on my chest. "I missed you." He said kissing my neck. "I missed you too." I said placing my hand on his head playing with one of his dreads. "What we doing tomorrow?" He mumbled against my chest. I looked over at the date on my phone remembering today was Friday so he had the weekend off. "Mmm what do you want to do?" I asked moving my hand down to his face caressing his cheek with my thumb. "Take you out to do what you want to do." He said chuckling. I laughed as his hands moved up my shirt to my waist.

"We can go to that museum you wanted to go to then have dinner afterwards." He said rubbing lightly on my waist. "That reminds me, how's your art piece going?" He asked sitting up staring down at me. "I just added to it today actually, I went out with Lonnie" I said referring to my best friend. "Oh that's good." He said leaning down kissing my lips. "Can't wait to see the final product." He said as he pulled away from the kiss. He stared into my eyes for a second before kissing me again. I felt my body start to tingle knowing that Mel most likely wanted to have sex. His tongue entered my mouth making me want to melt away immediately. His hands moved down to my waist pulling at my underwear. He pulled away from my lips trailing kisses down to my neck. I almost got caught in the moment but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle any rounds again tonight. "Mel wait..." I mumbled knowing my body was still slightly sore from before. "What?" He asked still kissing my neck pulling off my underwear completely. I lost my train of thought knowing that deep down I wanted him to ruin me even more. I wanted him to do whatever he wanted with me.


This chapter is boring y'all I'm sorry but I really wrote this for me. I want to be a house wife like the thought of me having to work everyday for the rest of my life makes me sick LMAO. /j

I sound so horrible but that's not the case I'm just not feeding into this capitalist state XD

But I also don't want to have to depend on someone for money so I'm just going to save up early in life so I can leave them whenever I feel like it. I don't care what gender I'm in a relationship with I WILL be the housewife. /j

please don't take anything I say serious lol

Anyway what's your thoughts?

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