Chapter 1⃣9⃣

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I heard a car pull up while I was finishing up my makeup consisting of mascara from Mexico and some lipstick. I gave myself a last look on the mirror and walked towards the driveway.

As the note said a black polka dotted blind fold lay on the seat of the car. I had no plans of putting the blind fold on but the driver wouldn't start the car without me wearing it.

Here goes nothing.


I felt the car stop on its tracks. My blindfold was still in place not allowing me to take a much desired peek.

I heard the door of the drivers side open and then close. A few minutes later the door in my left side opened letting in a breeze.

I felt a hand on my hand pulling me towards the exit. "Finally amore mio (my love) you are here."

Lucas helped me step outside of the car. He guided me up the steps and into the awaiting doors.

"My love ill take of the blind fold but you have to promise to not open your eyes until I tell you too."

I nodded and held my breath when I felt his warm rough hands on my back. The air smelled faintly of roses and of burning candles.

"Open your eyes love."

I opened my eyes and discovered a dimly lit room with a table in the middle containing a single white rose as the center piece. A bottle of red wine was also on the table.

"Would you give me the honour to dine with me my fair lady."

"Of course my kind sir." I said in my best posh accent.

He took my hand and pulled me towards the table.

He pulled my chair for me and said, "Amore mio we have Chicken Piccatta, Chicken Parmigiana with a side of baked potato, steak with a side of Italian salad with Italian ranch dressing. What would you like ?"

"I would love some chicken piccatta but whats for desert Lucas?"

"You are on the menu for desert love."

"Who put me there?"

"You are always on the list cara" He said cheekily.

My face heated up and I looked down feeling embarrassed.

Some time passed. We dined, chatted for a while and all in all had a great time.

I started humming a small tune underneath my breath. "Love what ya doing there."

"Oh Im seeing a song that got stuck inside my head."

Lucas sat up in his seat and extended his hand towards me. "Care to dance amore mio."

"Yes" I responded.

His hands rested on my hips and mine on around his neck. We started slow dancing across the room. His warm body made sparks start to burn on my body. Why does he affect me so much?"

I opened my eyes to see Lucas staring at me lovingly. I remember when my mom had 'the talk' with me she said one day I'll find someone who loved me for who I am not just the outer shell of my body . The'd stare at you as if you are there whole world. Now I know what she means because Lucas is wearing that look and it doesn't look half bad on him.

My head made its way to Lucas shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw a trail of red rose petals leading down a hallway.

"Hey what over there." 

I disentangled my body from Lucas's and followed the trail. My heels made loud deafening clicks on the marble floor. The trail finally stopped in front of a wooden door. My hand reached towards the door knob and twisted it.

I felt Lucas's body behind mine breathing slowly.

He took me inside the room and turned on the lights.

The room was as big as my living room back home. A king sized bed was in the middle of the room with a big flat screen tv in front of it. A couch was on the right side and next to the bed were bedside lamps.

In the middle lay a heart shaped made out of roses with a small heart in the middle made of white roses. 

"Darling go and see what is hidden in the  white heart."

Me being the obediat person I am  I did what he said. No seriously i am curious of what he is planning.

My hand moved away the white rose petals to find a dark purple velvet box. Lucas took the box away from me and popped the lid open.

"Don't  panic and think I'm proposing to you, even though I want too. This ring right here is a promise ring from me to you saying that I'll wait for you and never stop trying to make you happy. So will you, Ms. Nikki Williams give me the honour to put this ring on your hand. "

"Of course Mr. Allesandri."

He took my hand into his huge one and put the ring on.  

"I have a feeling you gave me the ring for another reason you are not telling me Lucas."

"Maybe , maybe not kitten. Now come and give me a kiss."

I pulled his face closer to mine leaned in. His tounge ran over my lips and asked for permission to enter. I broke the kiss to come up for air and Lucas continued kissing my jaw all the way down to my neck. I moaned when he started sucking in my soft spot behind my ear. "Lucas stoopp you are going to leave a mark there."

"Thats not going to be a problem right darling. We want everyone to know who you belong with."

He continued kissing my neck and my mouth. "Tell me you don't want me and I'll leave you alone. Tell me I don't make you feel Things you have never felt before. Tell me if this doesn't feel right to you." He huskily said to my mouth. 

I couldn't respond to him my mind was puddy, I could't think correctly.

" When you find a man that treats you like I told you, don't let go. Fight for him and tie him to the bed if you have too." fleated through my mind. 

I never listen to any advice my mom gives me on relationships because they are always crazy but what better time to start then now. So I did what she told me to, I pushed him on the bed and had my dirty way with him.


Hello my lovelies !!!

I finally updated. Yay!!!

I didn't update because I built this bridge made out of balsa wood for a competition and it turns out I won first place.


So that means I have to build another one for Regionals. 

So yeah that was my reson for not updating in two weeks . 

So whats been happening in your lives?

Eat a taco and sing I'm a snowman to your five year old son.


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