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Chapter 13:


Letting his fangs elongate, his tongue pushed past his lips to taste the pulse beating erratically on the slender slope of her neck. He felt his Firefly shiver before finally letting his teeth sink into the flesh. Both groaned lowly for different reasons. Vincent knew she groaned from the blissful feeling she was getting, but the taste of her always took him by surprise. He didn’t think it was possible but her blood tastes better every time. His large hands came around her to hold her to him. “Vincent.” She panted and gripped his shirt, holding him there as close as possible.

It heated him up to hear such a tone coming from her lips. Her blood was sweet, but not overly so. It distantly reminded him of freesia with a hint of brown sugar. Every drop that splashed his taste buds gave him almost instantaneous energy and warmth. He knew he needed to stop since Wendy’s whimpers were increasingly becoming louder. Any more in volume and her dad would come in hear to see an interesting show. Taking one last lingering draw of her addicting blood he retracted his fangs and moved away enough to give her breathing room. They were both panting, and her eyes were closed. “My life is so screwed up right now.” She muttered out of breath.

“How so?” He questioned, of course he could guess but he loved hearing her voice. She peeked an eye open before snorting not so delicately. It was amusing to the older vampire but he kept that tidbit to himself. “Let’s see…I found out I get sick if I don’t have this really old vampire bite me, then I nearly get shot today, then I get yelled at by said vampire, oh and don’t forget someone got killed right in front of me, which I will never be able to get over, and then I get this blinding rage out of no where and almost grabbed a cops gun because of it….and that’s just today.” Putting it into that perspective, Vincent could see why she was so exhausted. He wished he could make this all easier for her, but it’s what happens when humans get involved with vampires. It’s why it almost never works; with it being so dangerous.

He would protect her with everything he had though. Even if it killed him, he would make sure she was safe. Which is why he wants to turn her so quickly. Once she becomes like him, he won’t have to worry quite so much. She’ll be more durable for his world. “It’ll get better…I promise.” She sighed in response and slowly sat up so they could talk. “I’m guessing the rage I felt earlier was due to this…bond?” He nodded slowly and stood up needing some sort of breathing room if he was going to think clearly. It was a hard feat with her large eyes staring back at him so closely.

“Yes. I was…taking care of the men you didn’t see who were hired to kill you. These two men were the getaway route-” He was cut off by Wendy. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you mean ‘take care of’? Did you…did you kill them?” She asked hesitantly. He knew it might put her off even more but he vowed to tell her the truth unless it endangered her life. “I was going to…I was so angry….


“Looks like our guests have arrived.” Vincent muttered hearing the faint sound of feet walking downwards towards them. He cracked his knuckles and sent a malicious smirk to Darcy who looked just as ready. He used his hearing to listen to their conversation. “Play it cool. He’ll never know if she’s alive or dead. We’ll get our pay and go.” One whispered in a pathetic attempt to not be heard. Vincent nodded towards his friend and they both waited. “What the hell? Looks like he killed another two guards.”They didn’t say anything more before a knock sounded at the door.