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Mr.Aizawa POV:

Today I got the papers of the classes presentations like alpha/beta/omega and rare puppy which never happens today is the day they get to turn full wolf

Puppy is a rare thing but it's when someones wolf is still a pappy in other words like a little. If someone was a puppy they'd shrink to about 4 something but we hadn't had a puppy in years they are super rare. Yet adorable

Our class is a pack and if their was a puppy the pack will take care of them

I walk into class everyone immediately goes silent I'm guessing they are all very excited and nervous

"You already know what today is so I will read them already" I say

"Deku Alpha

Iida Alpha

Todoroki Alpha

Kirishima Alpha

Sero Alpha

Momo Alpha

Mina Alpha

Kaminari Alpha

Uraraka Omega

Tsyu Omega

Jirou Omega

(Everyone else beta)

And bakugou....your a puppy!?" I say surprised

"What!?" Bakugou yells standing up

"There is no way!" He yells angry

The whole class is in shock and silent

"I'm sorry bakugou but that's what it is" I say and leave the class they get the rest of the day of

Bakugou POV:

I cant believe it...

It sit back down and put my knees to my chest

My mom is gonna be pissed

I should have been a Alpha or at least an omega everyone walks to my desk

"What!?" I yell at them

Deku picks me up on his hip and rocks me

"Its gonna be ok I promise" he says I cry into his chest

"Shhh" he shushes me to sleep

Part 2 later I'm tired

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