Chapter two

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     My next couple of classes went by easily with thoughts of Hunter and the fact that the teachers did practically nothing. Luckily no popular people were in those classes either so I didn't need to worry about constant abuse coming from them.

     The bell rang overhead releasing everyone from second and onto third. Like always I kept my head down and headed towards my next class. I was almost there until my books go flying from my hands and I go sprawling on the floor.

     " Oops, my bad. I didn't see you there.... freak" It was Lucy and her friends of course. She had stuck her size 7 heel out in front of me making me trip.

     All I could do was try not cause anymore attention to be called to me as I gathered my books up off the ground. The whole time Lucy and her friends were laughing and kicking my things around... until I was rescued.

     Along came Hunter and he automatically bent down and helped gather all my stuff. This shut everyone up as they just stared in disgust at how Hunter was so nice to me.

     "Oh my god! Why would you help HER?! She is so beneath you!" Zoey said as Hunter helped me up.

     "I would help her faster then I would you! Why would you ever think you were better?" Hunter asked, and with that Lucy and her minions left with a scoff. At that point Hunter looked at me and asked "Are you alright?"

     All I could do was nod even though my ankle was killing me. Luckily I was so good at hiding pain I was able to walk without a limp. "Thanks for helping me"

     "No problem, I really don't understand why anyone else wouldn't help?" Hunter said as he looked down to me as we rounded a corner. Everyone in the hall was looking at us in amazement.

     "Well I have never had any friends. I like to mainly focus on my school work so I can get a scholarship." I replied. It was so easy to talk to him surprisingly.  It was as if I have known him for years.

     "That doesn't mean they can be mean to you! It just makes me so angry to see people be so rude!" his voice was starting to get harsh and all I could do was imagine Jack yelling at me and smacking me in the face the one time I dropped a plate. I began to shake slightly and he noticed. "Hey are you okay?" he asked in concern. His voice calmer.

     "Ya, um we should probably get to class before the bell..." before I could finish the tardy bell rang. "Dang it!" Without saying anything I began speed walking to my next class. I would be running but my ankle was still sore.

     "Hey wait up, what class are you going to?" Hunter asked, surprisingly keeping up with my speed.

     "My photography class, and if I am late I am going to be in some big trouble." I said picking up my speed even more.

     "Well awesome! Me too, we can walk together." he said happily in his sweet southern accent.

    "Well then pick up your pace, because we are both late now!" and with that I began running/limping.

     We made it after what seemed an hour of pain and we both burst through the door. Everyone just automatically looked up at us and started to whisper.

     "Well thanks for joining us you two. So do you guys have a reason for being late?" Mrs.Flo said, as she sat at her desk.

     Before I could even begin to speak Hunter just burst out with "I'm new here and Jessica was being as kind to show me to this class , after I was on the other side of the school." All I could do was look at Hunter in amazement and then back to Mrs.Flo and nod.

     "Well that was nice of her, but I don't want either of you to be late again. Now please take your seats. Today is a free day since it is the first day." and with that we both headed for a work bench in the far right corner.

     As soon as we sat down all I could do was stare at Hunter in amazement at how fast he could come up with an excuse.

     "How were you able to lie so fast?" I said as he sat his stuff on the ground.

     "I don't really see that as a lie since you were sort of showing me around, in a way." he said and with that I just shook my head and smiled.

     The rest of the class Hunter asked about the constant abuse that Lucy was giving me. Every time I told him more about it he kept getting angrier and angrier, so I couldn't even imagine what he would act like if he knew what my father did.

     Soon we got off the topic of Lucy and onto the topic of our classes. We both learned that we had our second half of classes together and lunch, which surprisingly made me happy. Just today I went from dreading having to go through another year of having to deal with Lucy to having a protector/semi-friend who would protect me. Still I need to remember to focus on my work, even if my protector had the best looking face I have ever seen.


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