Chapter 1: The Truth

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                                                        ~Chapter 1~

                                                         ~The Truth~

It’s summertime which means no school! I’m homeschooled though and the reason for that is I was picked on for my looks because I looked different. My eyes are a bright violet that glows a little in the dark and my hair is dark cherry red brown. I am tall and very skinny no matter how much I eat. My fingers are long it’s not natural and I have a rose birthmark under my left eye that looks more like a tattoo. That people thought I got a tattoo. A girl once called me a freak and I’m a shame to my family. I snapped and she ended up in the hospital. Family is a very touchy subject, I never knew my parents my Uncle Louis said my mother died giving birth to me and my father died in a car crash when I was one years old. The rest of the family didn’t want to be a part of my life. Anyway that type of thing happened more than once. So Uncle Louis decided to home schools me. I have always felt different; when I was thirteen I asked myself ‘What am I?’ I have fast reflexes, I can smell things from a mile or two away, I can see five streets down and see a person or thing clearly like I’m next to them and my speed, well let’s just say I can keep up with a car or go faster than a car. My strength I can’t control I break things a lot. It was morning I could tell because sun rays where coming through my window. I moaned as I lied wide awake in bed, I didn’t get much sleep last night. My four month mature apricot poodle, Zeus on the other hand was snoring away. Zeus is cute and fluffy, but he does not have the hair cut of those poodles you see on TV and never will. The reason his name is Zeus is because Uncle Louis said he needed a manly name since his so cute. I smelled beacon and eggs cooking down stairs. I sighted and rolled over to look at the clock that says 8:00. I sat up and got out of my warm comfortable bed into the cool air. The air is not that cold we live in Florida. I sluggishly went over to my dresser which was falling apart. I went to open the my short’s drawer and the handle fell off. I grunted and placed it on top of the dresser. “Stupid strength.” I mumbled to myself.  I picked out short jean shorts and a red tee shirt. I quickly got dressed on brush my hair that goes little bit bellow my chest. I laughed to see Zeus still sleeping. I sat next to him. “Wake up lazy puppy!” I said rubbing his belly. He yawn which was more like a squeak the anything.  He stretched and then cocked his head at me. I smiled and scooped him up in my arm placing him on my hip, like you carry a toddler. Zeus gave me warm wet kisses on my cheek. I giggled. “Yeah. I love you to.” I kissed his small head. I walked down the stairs that opened up to the kitchen. Uncle Louis was standing in front of the stove.  He was wearing jeans and a blue tee shirt. His blonde cropped hair looked messy like he didn’t brush it this morning. Louis looked nervous about something. “Uncle Louis? Are you okay?” I asked going to the back door to let Zeus out.

Uncle Louis jumped at my words like he didn’t know I was there. “Sasha! You scared me.” He took a deep breath. “Yes. I’m fine.” He lied. I could always tell when he was lying and he could always tell when I was. That’s why were so close.

“You’re lying Louis! Don’t go anywhere!” I gave him my ‘You’re in trouble ‘ look. He sighted and nodded. I went out the back door stepping into  the hot Florida heat. I put Zeus down and watched as he ran around like a mad man around the yard. I smirked. After he did his business . Zeus followed me inside. Uncle Louis was sitting at the table eating eggs and beacon. “Spill it.” I said plopping down next to him.

He sighed. “Your fifthteen it’s about time you find out.” He ran a hand through his hair.

“Find out about what?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

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