minecraft : cupa the creeper

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this might be the only book that I will write and post. there is no stories of cupa the creeper so I'm writing one. hope u enjoy!


Steve was waking up to a new day in this world. he can't remember how he got here. he can't even remember anything before spawning on this world. its like if he was just born on the world.

anyway he got out of his bed. he grabbed his pickaxe, a sword and an axe. we went off to mine in his usual cave. he got a lot of coal and iron when he realised that he was running out of wood. "looks like there's no diamonds. well I better go off and get wood" he said to himself. Steve left the mine and went into the forest. he was cutting down trees when he said to himself, "why am I here? its boring! I do the same thing ever day and I'm sick of it. there is no one here and I'm tired of being alone". suddenly he heard a hiss behind him. "GO AWAY CREEPER" shouted Steve as he pulled out his sword. but it didn't look like a creeper. "aahhh" screamed the girl. Steve put down his sword. "who are you?" said Steve. "I'm cupa" said the girl. "are you a creeper?" asked Steve. "well yes and no. well you see I was a lab experiment and they gave me creeper blood. then they put me into a family of creepers and gave me this creeper jumper to blend in. so I'm like a human/creeper". cupa then looked up. "so what's your name". "I'm Steve". "nice to meet you Steve" she then put out her hand for Steve to shake. Steve put out his hand to shake hers. " nice to meet you cupa " said Steve.

"it looks to be getting dark" said Steve. "I better get home, see ya". Steve then turned around and walked away. but before he walked ten steps he then stopped and looked back. "do you have somewhere to stay for the night?" . cupa nodded her head left and right. "come on then" .cupa looked at him with opened eyes. "thanks" she said as she ran to him and hugged him. the two chatted all the way to steves house."so you sleep outside all the time?"."yeah". "thats harsh, well here we are at the house".cupa looked at Steve. "thank you". Steve opened the door to his house. "you got a really nice house". "thank you cupa" cupa looked around Steve's house." I will need to make you a bed" said Steve. "no that's ok, I'll just sleep with you" said cupa. Steve looked at her weird. "really? but we just met". cupa blushed at Steve."so, I think your cute". she said. even Steve started to blush. "well ok" cupa jumped into Steve's bed. Steve climbed in with her. "good night lovely". she said before putting her arms around him and going asleep. Steve watched her sleep. " good night beautiful ". he smiled and went asleep.

the next mourning Steve woke up to see cupa's face. she was beautiful. her orange golden hair just brightened up her lovely face.

he put his arms around her and stared at her. cupa woke up. "good mourning" said cupa. "good mourning" Steve said back ."can I hug you again. I like hugs" asked cupa. Steve replied by hugging her. "I like you cupa" blushed Steve.

cupa looked up at Steve. she went forward and kissed him on the cheek."I like you two Steve".

they bout got up and had a cooked pork chop each. "I had a weird dream last night" said cupa. "what was it?" asked Steve. "well I dreamt that I saw you before" said cupa. "I was lying on a table, on an aeroplane. there were doctors around me. A needle was in my arm. I looked over to my right and saw you. you were asleep, you and i had a parachute on us. the parachute could burn up when it touched the ground. I was then thrown out of the aeroplane and landed in the jungle. and that was were the creeper family found me". Steve stood up. "it... feels like a flash back. is that how I got here?" said Steve. "maybe we are bout experiments". Steve looked at cupa."was there anyone else?" . "no" said cupa."just us two". Steve thought for a moment."just experiments?" he said to himself.

"well what do you want to do today?" asked cupa. "want to go hunting pigs?" said Steve. "ok". Steve went to his chest and got two bows and four stacks of arrows. "here's a bow and two stacks of arrows". Steve gave her them. the two went off hunting. they got about 12 pigs. "that was a good days hunting" said cupa. "yeah, do you want to go swimming?" asked Steve. "ok" the two went to the usual place that Steve goes swimming in. Steve dived in. cupa stop at the edge and took off her jumper. she was wearing a black bra and panties. "you have a very nice body cupa". cupa blushed at the comment. she got into the lake and swam with Steve. "its getting dark Steve". the two got out of the lake. cupa was picking up her jumper when a zombie grabbed her. Steve picked up his bow and last arrow. he got the zombie right between the eyes. cupa ran to him,"thank you" she said before hugging him. "I never like zombies or....', then a cat jumped out of the trees at them,' ...CATS !" she screamed. Steve kicked the cat into the lake. "I don't like cats either". said Steve. cupa hugged Steve all the way home. "thank you" said cupa. Steve looked at her." I won't let anything hurt you". he cooked two pork chops and gave her one. that night Steve got into bed first. "are you ready my hero" said cupa in a flirty voice. "I'm always ready". cupa dived onto steve. "I love you Steve". "I love you cupa". the two kissed each other. they bout had their tongues in their mouths. after two minutes they pulled away. "do you want to do it?" asked cupa. "if that's alright with you" said Steve. "oh yes" said cupa.

they bout got into bed and did it ;)

Steve woke up too see cupa a wake and up out of bed. "good morning Steve" said cupa. she handed him a cooked pork chop. Steve ate it and got out of bed. the two kissed and Steve then grabbed two pickaxes out of his chest. "so we going mining today" asked cupa. "yeah. I think I might know were to find diamonds" said Steve. "cool" said cupa in excitement. the two went to the mine. if there were no torches it would be impossible to see. Steve had a weird feeling that their were diamonds under them. cupa and Steve mined until they found diamonds. it was a miracle. cupa and Steve were leaving the mine until a creeper was coming in from the entrance. cupa jumped in front of Steve. "NOOO!" shouted cupa. the creeper stopped and looked at cupa. i then did as was told and wandered away. "how did you do that?" asked Steve. "well creepers wont kill their own species" said cupa.

Steve and cupa went back to the house with all their diamonds. "well if this is someone's experiment to put us here, well then, I'm happy they put us here" shouted Steve. cupa kissed Steve and they lived for the rest of their lives in minecraft.

well I hope you enjoyed my first book. I'm a boy and I'm 14 and yes I wrote a romance. BUT IM NOT GAY!!! I just wanted to see a cupa the creeper story. but for anyone who hated the idea of cupa the creeper, well she is a real mod in minecraft. and I was thinking of my second book. but I don't know what to have it as. BLACK OPS 2 RULES !!! but yes I will start writing it soon :)

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