Chapter 70: Clove

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Today's the day! I get to help Katniss kill Snow. Coin wants to have a meeting with us before, but Katniss wanted to stay with Peeta. He's not taking it too well, he still thinks Snow is good, but at least he doesn't hate Katniss for hating Snow.

"Clove" Cato says waking up slowly. He pulls me close and I laugh. I kiss his cheek and sit up quickly "Why don't I get to kill Snow?" he says with his best impression of a mad little boy. I laugh lightly and he looks at me as seriously as a little kid can.

"They chose me" I say dramatically. He rolls his eyes and lays back down. I get up and slip on the outfit Coin planned for me to wear. It's a simple black dress but tattered near the feet, like I was attack by a mutt, Coin's words exactly. Cato whistles to me and smirks playfully. I roll my eyes and swish my hips as I walk to wash up a little. I try to brush my hair but end up brutally pulling it into a ponytail.

"You look good" Cato says as he starts to strip to his underwear, he's so perfect. He slips on a simple blue shirt and some dark pants and smiles at me while I watch him. I blush and look away awkwardly.

"We're married, you're perfectly fine watching me show off my body" he says jokingly. I laugh lightly and we walk together to Coin's office. She smiles at us as we step in and we sit across from her. As we wait for Katniss, and most likely Peeta, I start to get nervous. I want Snow to suffer for what he's done to me, to Cato, to Peeta and Johanna. I will get my revenge but just killing him doesn't seem like enough pain.

"Hey Clove" Katniss says hugging me tightly, I smile and invite her to sit next to me. I grab Cato's hand as Coin goes over what is going to happen today.

"You guys are going to step onto the platform with your weapons in hand" Coin starts firmly "I will count to 3 and you will shoot or slit. If Snow wants to kill himself he can, but I know him, he won't" I look at Cato confused but he just smiles, as if to say calm down. I lean onto him and sigh, trying not to be 'distracting or rude'.

"We should all get going so we can arrive on time" Coin says firmly, she seems the most excited. I walk with Cato holding me from behind me as we board the hover-craft. Johanna and Gale are waiting for us and I hug Johanna quickly. One of the crew members passes me a knife and Katniss gets her bow, with only one arrow.

We fly quickly to the Capitol and load out in Snow's mansion. We wait for around 25 minutes until Coin calls us onto the balcony to kill Snow. There he is, he looks so frail but I know he's acting, to get us to feel sorry. I laugh at myself mentally and hold Cato's hand, on my shoulder, tightly.

"Clove, you can't do this, I tried my best to help, not just you but everything you love" Snow says deeply. I look back at Cato carefully and he holds me even closer to him, if possible. I smile, reassured, and pull out my knife.

"Cato and Peeta please stand inside, no offence to you but you're not as important" Coin says trying to be funny. I fake a smile, to make her feel better and she looks like she appreciated it. She looks over at Snow bitterly, but I catch a glimpse of her wording something to him. I shake it off, probably just a 'good-bye, you horrible person' or something like that.

"Prepare yourselves girls" Snow says mockingly, I shiver, his voice is just disturbing. Katniss notches the arrow but doesn't pull it back, she just holds it there.

"Hello! People of Panem!" Coin starts into a silver micro-phone "Today we shall destroy the worst tyrant that Panem has every seen" that sentence doesn't make much sense. Snow is the only tyrant Panem has had, before him Panem was North America. I let that thought go and she continues about how she'll make it so everyone will be listened and appreciated. Why is she assuming she'll be put into power? She hasn't really proven herself much to the people, except that she can make people do her dirty work while she gets all of the credit. She hasn't done anything in the field but she gets all of the credit.

"3-2-" Coin says, snapping me out of my thoughts. I hold my knife tightly "1-go" I pull the knife over his neck, slitting his throat deeply he falls back. He slumps down onto the ground and his eyes close slowly, he's dead! I look at Katniss and she pulls her arrow on Coin. Coin falls back and probably died from the drop. I look at her confused and she tries to grab the purple pill of instant death but guards pull her away quickly. They drag her away, screaming and scared and I try to help her. Some more guards pull me off of Katniss and drag me along. Cato starts yelling at me and I try to look back. A guard pulls my head forward so I can't look back. They lead both of us through dark corridors and Cato's voice fades behind me.

"You guys are obviously both mentally unstable" one of the guards say calmly "You will stay in private rooms, away from influence to calm down and stabilize" he adds and they throw us in. I look at Katniss but she seems to have passed out. The guards lock the doors and I try to figure out where I am.

I try to hoist Katniss onto the only bed in this boring gray room but she weighs more than I expected. My mind starts to race as I roll Katniss over so there isn't a chance of her choking in her sleep. 'How long are we going to be in here?'. 'Are they going to try to fix us, like Snow did?' I ask myself quietly. I start to freak out and end up falling asleep out of pure exhaustion.

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